Monday, October 02, 2006

Canadian October

Cold, darkening mornings opening
to bright blue skies and towering clouds.
Dropping sun illuminates the landscape.
Canopies of colour, red and gold,
with dried leaves rustling underfoot.
Early flakes of snow blowing in the wind.

Harvesting of field and orchard
while apples wait the kiss of frost.
Man and creature preparing for winter.
With thanks we celebrate earth’s bounty!
Mature and in full splendor now,
the year will slowly fade away.


  1. You write really beautifully!

    Have you had snow already!! Love the pic of the horse plowing - don't ever see that here, except at the park where there is a *model* homestead farm.

  2. Excellent post, I can almost smell the leaves as they change.

  3. Thank you both. A short drive from home takes us back a century in time. I love watching the Old Order Mennonites as they plant and harvest with their teams of horses. We are experiencing Indian Summer now, but the wind will be blowing flurries off Lake Huron before Halloween.


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