Thursday, October 12, 2006

Winter left a calling card today...

The wind is cold and the sky is filled with fast moving clouds, heavy with moisture from the Great Lakes.

Brilliant sunshine...blinding snow...
blowing leaves...bare trees.

The first snowfall each year invariably ensures a phone call at work from an excited daughter. "Mom! It's snowing. I am playing snow songs on the piano!" The girls are grown, but have never lost their child-like love of winter. For me, the first snow is a signal to find the winter coats, boots, mittens and scarves. Where is the ice scraper for the car? I have to be ready to leave for work earlier in anticipation of icy roads and unprepared drivers.
Where do I rediscover the joy in this change of season?

I think I will bundle up, take a walk in the cold air, come home and have a hot drink, and find some of those snow songs to play.


  1. Anonymous9:30 pm GMT-4

    Brrrr. I can't imagine winter so soon. We are still getting temps in the high 70's here and the leaves still have not changed.

  2. Hi Autumn...I like your name. This is early snow, even for here, and it shouldn't last. The ground is covered this morning, but not with the 6 inches they got in Buffalo!

  3. Hi Autumn! Sneaking around my family's blogs eh? ;)

    Snow! I can't believe it, and they said it was going to be a mild winter. Still though, snow!!! Though it isn't snow for me if It is not deep enough to make a snow angel...

  4. Anonymous5:32 pm GMT-4

    . . . and I just arrived in Phoenix. It's 87 today.
    Grandson Mike was grounded in Buffalo en route to a class reunion in Texas. . . and you think winter's fun :)

  5. I try to pretend that winter is fun, but it is not my favourite season. Snow can be beautiful, but to endure the ice, slush, storms, difficulty with travel and short, dark days, a positive attitude is essential!


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