Sunday, October 15, 2006

Thoughts on Blogging
Today marks the 3 month anniversary of this blog. It is interesting to see how ideas evolve and how interaction with readers and other bloggers influence future posts. One of the first blogs I read was Fat Doctor through a link on Medscape. I was intrigued by her story and followed it sporadically for a few months. My daughter then began corresponding with cousins and friends on MySpace and I got a better idea of the interactive quality of blogs. However, MySpace was not for me and I decided to try a Blogger account. For the most part, it has been quick and easy to use.
Anyone working in health care knows that emotional and spiritual strength is essential for full physical recovery. I called my blog Body, Soul, and Spirit to reflect these aspects of wellness. I had read Leo Galland’s book, The Four Pillars of Healing a few years ago and had been impressed with his holistic approach to medicine. I thought I would write about physiotherapy, perhaps giving some tips and advice, and about the experiences I have with my patients in my workplace.
How things have changed! I decided against giving any therapy advice, and if I am inspired to start a physiotherapy blog in the future, will enlist the help of other practitioners. Medical blogs like Borneo Breezes and Tundra Medicine Dreams are well written, and feature excellent photos. The reader is taken to other places and cultures with fascinating stories about health and life in general. They are among my favourite blogs. I discovered Burning Silo when searching for information on monarch butterflies. This great Ontario site shows the beauty of the most ordinary creatures in spectacular photos and interesting writing. I even viewed Bev’s snake photos, which will surprise those who know me well. Through comment links on this site, I viewed other blogs that I have revisited frequently. Somewhere in NJ covers a variety of topics in exceptionally well-written form. Laura writes in an uplifting way about nature, birding, pets, and some aspects of her personal life. Dave, in Via Negativa is a philosopher and naturalist, and shows respect for those with beliefs other than his own. I do not understand or agree with all his writing, but he does make me think. He features some unusual and moving pieces of original prose and poetry. There are other sites I visit out of topical interest or for their unique content, and of course, the family bloggers have my full, daily support. (see side links)
I have discovered a love of writing, perhaps inherited from other avid journal keepers in older generations of my family. I am more observant of little things each day as I carry my camera and ideas around with me. People inspire me. I love listening to their stories and watching the ways in which they face their challenges. I enjoy travel and nature and draw on recent observations and previous personal experiences. I have learned new things about my own family as members email facts and stories in response to certain posts. I look forward to new inspiration and ideas, interaction with old and new friends, in this blog and others.


  1. Yes, that camera of yours has been making quite a few appearances lately :P (kidding, KIDDING).

  2. And you know you are a lot like me!

  3. Thank you for saying such nice things about my silly blog!

    I have so much fun doing this and catching a glimpse into the worldview of others.

    Burning Silo is one of my favorite blogs - love Bev's photos! And I read Via Negativa also - I like his poetry and the way he has of making me stop and think, like you said.

    I've found some very interesting people (and blogs) by clicking on the links in the sidebar of a blog I favor - it seems that many people link and read the same blogs - makes for an interesting intersection of like-minded folks. Not sure where I clicked to find you, but glad at any rate that I did.

  4. Thanks Laura. It is so interesting to read about the personal experiences and observations of others. I would rather read about your day at a cranberry bog than read the news about a conflict somewhere in the world.


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