Thursday, October 26, 2006

Waterfalls and Joint Replacements

Today I went to an excellent symposium on joint replacements. The speakers were enthusiastic and the material was fresh and interesting. Joint replacements are my bread and butter so it is important that I keep current on the latest practices. The only problem was the venue. The conference was held at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington, Ontario, on a beautiful sunny day, one of the few we have had lately. Burlington is south of our home, and there were still many spots of fall colour. The Botanical Gardens are at the Niagara Escarpment, with many kilometers of trail above and below “Hamilton Mountain”. The Bruce Trail runs along the edge of the escarpment, and many mature oak and maple trees are found there. Niagara Falls is the most famous of the escarpment waterfalls, but Hamilton has more than thirty waterfalls within the city limits as creeks tumble over the limestone cliffs that encircle the area. How could I concentrate on hip and knee replacements with the view I could see out the window?
Well, I must confess, I slipped out of the last session, which was just a discussion of the topics presented earlier, and took a two hour walk along the Bruce Trail. I viewed three different waterfalls and enjoyed a spectacular view of Lake Ontario from the high cliffs.

I could see this fountain outside the conference centre at the Botanical Gardens

Borer’s Falls

Tews Falls

Webster’s Falls

I hope to return and find some more of these waterfalls soon.


  1. I wanna go now!!!!

    Again, I'm impressed by the fact that you took pictures of waterfalls, since you don't really like them (which is it, like them or fear them?).

  2. I don't like heights, which is why waterfalls can make me queasy. However, these were more gentle falls and I felt safe where I was standing. I must be getting braver as I get older ;)

  3. You remind me constantly of the beauty of Ontario. It is so varied. The landscape here is very bland in comparison, you have to look for the detail to see the beauty. On the other hand, heights are good (see new blog entry).

  4. Height, colour, and contrast can all be aesthetically pleasing. You are in the land of contrasts as your posts show so well. No matter where you are, you can choose to complain about your environment, or you can seek out its unique beauty.


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