Sunday, October 22, 2006

Rain, rain, go away...

We have had incessant rainfall for the past few days making this one of the wettest fall seasons I can remember. The family of one of my coworkers have a farm about 60 km from here. Their corn is starting to get moldy in the fields as the ground is too wet to support the harvesting machines. Her father has been cutting some of the corn by hand, and they are concerned about the quality of the feed for their livestock.
I have been itching to do some fall trail walking on the weekends, but the rain and mud have made it difficult to venture far from high ground. Today I saw a number of people in the city out for walks under their colourful umbrellas, as well some joggers who had decided that getting wet would not stop their pursuit of fitness. In Canada, we have to be pretty tolerant of weather extremes. If you don’t go out when it is too hot, too cold, too humid, too damp, too icy, too snowy, too wet, too windy, you would only get out a few days each month.
On the positive side, some vegetables have flourished in this wet season. At the market yesterday, there were some of the largest cauliflowers I had ever seen! The farmer told me they were extra large because of all moisture they had received this year. I already had a supermarket cauliflower at home, but could not resist getting a “monster head” as well. The smaller cauliflower is now in soup, and we will be eating a lot more of this vegetable throughout the week.
We cheered ourselves today in the kitchen this dull day by cooking food for the week….curried cauliflower and lentil soup, pumpkin bread, applesauce muffins and cranberry squares. And I will be out with the dog tonight pounding the pavement under my big black brolly.


  1. Gosh that's a big head of cauliflower!

    We eat it often, and since my DH found out that he's diabetic, rather than having mashed potatoes, we often eat cauliflower that way - not as yummy as potatoes, but a nice alternative.

  2. Thanks for another idea on how to use our vegetable. One of our daughters has juvenile diabetes. The disease requires daily diligence and discipline for control. Hope your husband enjoys his sugarless pie and has a healthy year!

  3. Anonymous9:07 pm GMT-4

    Daughter #2 has been telling me about ON's wet fall, but we have very little rain here. This time of year in AZ it is beautiful. I have absolutely no excuse not to go walking each morning.

    Enjoy the cauliflower!

  4. I still find that picutre of myself and the cauliflower quite amusing (it's like my head turned into one. Weird :P).

  5. Oma, Arizona sounds tempting right now! No wonder you stay there in the winter as much as possible.

    Becka, I wasn't going to say who the monster head was!


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