Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Gifts that keep giving

I received lovely gifts this Christmas from my family, thoughtfully selected and sure to give me pleasure for a long time. The truffles and other sweets that were enjoyed will likely be with me for a long time too, especially if I do not get back to my usual walking routine soon!

It is always special to spend time with family and friends, even by telephone. I couldn’t reach my parents in Mexico because of busy circuits, and I missed Sandland Brother’s call in the early evening when we were out. Time differences can make it challenging to connect at times.

I was absolutely delighted with my sister-in-law’s gift because it was something I wanted and is close to my heart. She made a donation to the Mennonite Central Committee for me and gave me this card in receipt. As I prepare a turkey dinner today for family who were not with us yesterday, I realize how much we have here in North America and how little effort we exert to feed ourselves abundantly. No, I do not want a goat in my yard, or chickens on my deck, but am happy to provide some to those who do need these gifts to live richer lives. The best gifts keep on giving and giving.

Off I go to set the table, peel potatoes and whip the cream for the pumpkin pie. And after the guests are gone, I will enjoy one of my new books and lovely lighted decorations in the living room.


  1. Ruth, this is great. I would be trilled to receive your SIL's gift, as would my *daughter*. Very special. I'm with you about our abundance here in NA - we take it for granted and need constant reminding that 1/3 of the world struggle in ways with which we aren't familiar.

    Have a wonderful night...it sounds as if you are very ready for it!

  2. Your comments are so true, Mary. Our abundance is meant to be shared with those less fortunate. However, advertisers would lead us to believe we need more stuff for ourselves.


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