Monday, December 18, 2006

Mondays and missed routines

I am glad that I have no major hardships to deal with in life right now, but it is often the "little things" that determine whether the day will go smoothly or not. My daily schedule has some flexibility, but I count on certain things being in certain places to jog my memory as to their importance. A missing salt shaker may mean that I forget this essential ingredient in my oatmeal, a tasteless way to start my day. Substituting the small custard cup that works best for poaching my egg in the microwave may result in a yolk explosion that I scarcely have time to clean up. (poaching eggs in the microwave is not recommended)

At the hospital, we all are required to wear lanyards with our name tags attached at all times. The magnetized strip on the back and my key allow access to several important areas of the workplace. Recently, we had to start using them to enter and exit the parking lot, and on the locked unit where I work, it provides access to offices, treatment and conference rooms. I need this card more than my credit card, and if I misplace it, I pay the price for my carelessness all day long.
It means I have to sneak into the administrative lot, or go to the security office to beg for a parking token. All day I have to borrow someone's tag and key to access the areas I need to go, which probably becomes annoying to my co-workers.

This month, my little routines are all messed up. Christmas decorations are in the places where everyday items would be placed, and tidying the house for company means that some of my essential clutter has been removed. I may have to wear my name tag all the time this month to keep track of it.

My daughter said to me last night, when she couldn't find the ear buds for her IPod, "Mom, I wish you wouldn't tidy up!"
What a good idea! Maybe I won't.


  1. I have to wear one of those darned things too. I'm forever getting it snagged on something and stopping myself short by the neck!

    My house is a mess with all the seasonal stuff right now - the tree is up and decorated, but I won't take a pic until the half wrapped presents and assorted shopping bags are dealt with. Next there's baking and cooking to do!

  2. LOL... yes, we "tidy up" and then can't find a thing. I can so relate! I think all the hubbub is why once it's all over, I want to get the tree down and get the house back to "normal" again.

  3. Oh, we are all messed up with the holidays and routines out of whack. You are not alone! I keep saying I'll "tidy up" tomorrow. But there's too much to do. It's sad to put the tree away but at the same time, it's nice to have a neat and orderly home again.

  4. Laura- I am going out for a walk rather than look at the bags and wrapping paper on the dining room table and my bed. You have left yourself a lot of last minute things to do. Happy baking!

    Samtzmom- My regular "normal" isn't all that tidy but I know where things are. (your house looks immaculate, even after a day of painting!)

    Mary- I have spent half an hour looking for my gold gel pen to finish some gift luck. Maybe after I finish baking shortbreads (sorry!)I will find it.


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