Saturday, December 09, 2006

How much snow was that?

Canadians handle weather extremes pretty well, but yesterday's storm that hit south western Ontario was exceptional even by our standards. In approximately 12 hours, 60 cm, or 2 feet of snow fell in the snow belt region east of Lake Huron.
Thankfully, the snow was not whipped by strong winds so we did not have to deal with blizzard conditions.

The bumps are cars in the parking lot. Where will the plow put all that snow?

How do you like my daughter's car? She worked the night shift at the hospital and it took her most of yesterday afternoon to dig her way out to the road. The city was shut down, but hospital staff, like other essential workers, do not get a "snow day".

The storm passed. The roads are being cleared and here is a winter wonderland!


  1. I'm very excited because you find beauty on something that others could consider hell.

    I really appreciate that.


  2. Wow! That is a lot of snow! Very pretty, until it melts.

  3. Nice of you to visit, Simitrio. I visited Zacatecas in June this year, and thought the city and surrounding area was very beautiful. I am sure you are experiencing cold weather now (I have family living near Torreon), but you won't have snow like this!

  4. What you are showing tonight is something very familiar to me. It's great that you are able to find the beauty in it! Fresh snow...Wow.

  5. Laura- The cold temperatures will prevent a fast melt. The ski operators will be making a pretty profit this weekend

    Mary- The storm did not cut power, or cause nasty problems. That makes it easier to see the beauty.

  6. Jeepers!
    I read that the Ohio river valley (my neck of the woods) can expect a pretty dry winter, thank goodness. If I didn't have any place to go, I would like snow.

  7. HOLY COW! Now THAT is some snow!


    :D :D :D :D

  9. Susan- Who says the Ohio river valley will have a pretty dry season? Do you trust them? I wouldn't! I'd rather have all the snow rather than an ice storm

    Samtzmom- For sure! Too bad I can't share it with you.

    Becka- Shovelling is fun, right?!

  10. Anonymous2:17 am GMT-5

    Time to bust out the skiis?

  11. I am a little nervous on skis, but reaaly would like to try a pair of one of the new styles of snowshoes.


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