Friday, December 15, 2006

Potluck pressures

Mary, at Mary's View did a post yesterday that gave me a good laugh early this morning. There are various lunches and dinners in December to attend and I always struggle making the decision of what dish to bring. Somehow I feel a pressure to show off my culinary "skills", which are really very basic. I always take very healthy lunches to work, walk regularly, and generally can resist treats that end up in the nursing stations. My co-workers may not realize how much I love sweets and rich desserts.
We had a potluck lunch today with the therapy staff from our unit. I signed my name under "munchies", whatever that is supposed to be. The guys usually sign up under paper plates, napkins and plastic utensils. So last night, before I read Mary's post, I peeled carrots, chopped and cleaned celery and cauliflower to go with hummus dip. I made little bite-sized sandwiches with wraps. What a healthy looking tray of munchies... not a chip in sight. The Becka was working alongside me preparing these items for another pot luck with her friends who still have youthful metabolic rates.
Well, there was a generous spread on the table with something for everyone to enjoy and we all had a good time.
Little Jonathan came with his mom and ate his obligatory vegetables before he settled down to enjoy, guilt free, the chocolate oreo cake.
I don't know if I will follow the tips that Mary gave, or continue to munch on my carrot sticks. Perhaps I will compromise and grate the left over carrots to make carrot cake with cream cheese icing.

Click here to see the recipes The Becka and I used.


  1. Anonymous8:42 pm GMT-5


    Despite what I said about carrots and the like, people always gravitate to those veggies anyway. Your plate looks delicious! Under my circumstances I'd need to pass on the dip, though :(

    I ate 8 Hershey kisses with almonds today and I feel bad about it, but hey! I'm taking walks during the day now and tomorrow is another day, ey? Looks like I'll need to walk 10 miles a day for the next two weeks...LOL.

    You go girl, and make that carrot cake with cream cheese icing. And thanks for mentioning my plight on your blog.

  2. Looks yummy to me, too!

    I'm usually the one at my job signing up to bring the paper products, mostly because I work with a bunch of Martha Stewarts and my *cooking* really can't compete with theirs.

    Oh and Mary - Hershey Kisses are my weakness - I'll eat them until I get a tummy-ache.

  3. Your munchies looked wonderful!

  4. Mary- I do not know how you have the resolve to even try dieting this month. I would be happy to not gain, and work on the weight loss in January. More power to you!

    Laura- Martha Stewart clones would scare me out of bringing anything from my kitchen. Comfort food is where I am at.

    Samzmom- Thanks, and they did taste good if I say so myself. Two more dinners to participate in this month...(sigh)

  5. Anonymous1:49 pm GMT-5

    I can't eat 90% of store bought goodies because I either get migraines or hives so I am normally the healthy platter person.

    I have a friend who proclaims it sacreligious that I make some of my cookies with whole wheat, rice milk and soy butter and sometimes ground flaxseed. Or I substitute avocado for cream in chocolate fudge. However all my lactose intolerant friends (I have quite a few) loooove me, which is why I do it. And I just love homemade healthy food, I can't help it, but I am sure there are much worse weaknesses than organic health food (if cheaper ones...)

    To fling one of those new flanged terms around I am a flexitarian it would appear. I eat lots of veggies, avoid most bad stuff and eat lots of fish and a little meat (personally I call it balanced but they need a complicated term for everything nowadays.) So I would descend upon your fruit tray like a fruit bat... ;)

  6. Flexitarian...hmmm, I will have to try that label sometime. Kudos to you for trying to eat well and considering your lactose intolerant friends.


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