Monday, December 04, 2006

Ten things I love

A meme suggested by LauraHinNJ

My family
I have a great extended family as well as very kind in-laws. I love you all.
My job
It is a great gift to love your work. I am not counting the years to retirement, and enjoy what I do each day.Travelling
I love visiting new places, in the next county or in another part of the world

Coming home
It is always great to come home again.

My teacup is set out in the morning in anticipation of my arrival home in the afternoon. Afternoon tea at a grand hotel is an ultimate pleasure.
Big bodies of water
I love to be on the water or enjoying the sea breezes from the shore.
A good story
It can be written, or told by a great story-teller

Old houses, old books, old cemeteries, museums, history, old people
Any kind of acoustic instrument is fine. I love a good symphony orchestra.
Long walks
A rewarding pastime for relaxation and inspiration.


  1. Great! We share a few loves. Your photos really enhanced your post.

  2. Each list I see makes me want to add to my own!

    I love that you love *old people* - I do too. It sounds so silly, but I think often they're not appreciated by their own families, and I could spend hours like a child at their knees - so much wisdom and insight. And humor!

  3. Thanks Mary and Laura. Older people are often segregated from society and their families. Youth and outer beauty is valued so highly, yet we need the "wisdom and insight" of our elders.


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