Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Comparing Prices at the Gas Pump

November 20, 2007

I filled up my vehicle with regular gasoline yesterday at our neighbourhood Sunoco station. This autumn, gas prices in our area have been over $1.00 a litre most days. A fill up for my 6 cylinder van costs about $60.00 so I try to lessen the shock by keeping the tank from getting completely empty. During the time of Hurricane Katrina, our gas prices peaked briefly at $1.20 a litre, but they dropped again quickly.

November 14, 2006

I took a picture of the sign at the same gas station last November (see post here). The gas price one year ago... $0.788 a litre. Considering the fact that our dollar is now valued above the US dollar, we are paying at least 25% more for gas this November. Oil was between $55-60 a barrel last November and is now above $90 a barrel. One year ago the Canadian dollar was worth $0.87 US and yesterday it closed at $1.02 US.
I am not an economist, but this winter we will be experiencing higher prices for all transported goods (which is pretty much everything). Have we become indifferent to the impact of our gas-dependent ways? How high do prices have to go before we take energy conservation seriously?

How much are you paying for gas?
I would be interested in hearing from readers in other continents too.

1 US gallon = 3.7854118 litres
Assuming the CDN and US currency is at par, we are paying $3.86 per US gallon for gas in our area. Many areas of Canada, particularly in the north, have significantly higher prices.


  1. I am paying about $21 USD a tank for my Jeep. It has an 80 liter tank (about 22 US gal.).


  2. Here in SE Minnesota, I was informed by my spousal unit (who owns the vehicles and therefore has to buy the gas) that yesterday he bought gas at $2.99 a gallon--a reduction from $3.04 when he purchased gas last weekend.

    It is insane how much the cost has risen over the years, and I really haven't noticed any reduction in the number of cars traveling the major north/south highway near my house. We personally have consolidated (or even eliminated) trips, but I'm not sure how many other people are making the same decision.

  3. When I was down there just over a year ago, they were really fussing about high gas prices, but I thought they were pretty darn good. And ours are low compared to some places. It's what you get used to, I guess.

  4. Here in the interior, where we live, the price at the moment is $103.8 per litre regular. Our car takes premium! When up here, we don't use the car all that much (we only have one car), and only go into town when we absolutely need to. At the coast, we found gas at one place in the valley, just outside the GVRD, that was selling at 96.8. Vancouver prices are always higher as they have extra tax ... trying to encourage people to take transit! Not that it seems to work. The traffic is phenomenal!

  5. $3.29 US here Ruth as of this past Monday. We'll see what next week brings. . .

  6. Anonymous8:39 pm GMT-5

    Here in Mexico we are paying $0.65 US a liter. This is low grade fuel which contains 10% diesel.The diesel is to keep the engines from stopping at high altitudes in the mountains. Traveling at 8,000 feet above sea level is quite common.
    Mexico Dad.

  7. The prices are steadily rising - a month ago we paid $2.89 per gallon and yesterday I filled my tank for $3.07/gallon. It's a conspiracy -holiday traveling...

  8. Ruth,

    Hubby paid $1.04 per liter today at the pumps. Yes, everything is going up except our wages and we are going to pay dearly for transportation this winter. We also have a van and pay about $60 to fill it.


  9. Cicero beat me to it...we live in the same area...we were at $1.12 most of the summer, and now we're about 9 cents less.

  10. Great comments! Thanks.
    So far, Dubai has the cheapest gas, but I doubt many of us are anxious to move there (sorry SLB!).

    Mexico is second best but those mountains are really hard on engines!

    Pam has the highest US prices (wow!)

    The BC interior is more expensive than S. Ontario, although as Mary from ON writes, the price went to $1.04 here today too.

    And Mary from NC is not the only one to observe that prices go up on a holiday weekend!

    Becka is the only bus traveler, but more of us may be soon.

    Ruthie and CS- good for you for trip planning. I am starting to feel a little guilty when I drive to a trail for a walk.

    AC- I wonder if the gas companies keep the Ottawa prices down a little so the politicians will leave them alone?

  11. In England gas (or petrol as they call it, crazy limey people) is at about 8 to 9 USD per gallon.

    Yes. Eight to Nine dollars.

  12. Alex- I was hoping someone would comment on prices in Britain. They would be happy with our prices. No wonder Mr. Bean drives the car he does. ;-)


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