Thursday, November 08, 2007

Time Flies By

I captured this blurred shot of three Bufflehead ducks taking off from the water this week. They represent my week, which is "flying by" quickly. I attended a conference yesterday in Hamilton, Ontario called Managing Vertebral Fractures. There are many treatment options for osteoporosis, two of which are proper diet and exercise. But who has the time! I liked this verse that was on a magnetized fridge reminder from Healthy Living Hamilton.

I have a special wish for you,
a wish that lasts the whole year through.
A daily dose of time for yourself,
time for leisure,
your fitness and health.
Your health is
very important to me,
your joy, your love,
your energy.
You spend your time caring
and giving; now it's
'Your turn Your time'
for healthy living

Colleen Stahlbrand

The My turn My time My plan project of Hamilton Public Health offers women very realistic support about how they can take their turn in the family, so that they can prioritize themselves, their health, and physical activity.


  1. Anonymous9:53 am GMT-5

    I so love Buffleheads and I love how you framed this picture!

  2. Yes, that osteoarthritis is a pain -- in the neck, back and the etc.

  3. Ruth,
    That's a wonderful picture of the ducks flying. I have some difficulty taking pictures of moving or flying objects of any sort.

  4. Beautiful Buffleheads, Ruth!

    I should print that prayer and hang it at work and at home. Women often forget to care for themselves, day after day, when they are caring for everything and everyone else. Good message.

  5. I agree... excellent message. And I love the pic!

  6. Monarch- There are a lot of Buffleheads around again. I was going to trash the picture, but decided to frame it instead. ;-)

    AC- Osteoarthritis is my bread and butter!

    RuthieJ- I was sneaking up on these ducks and they flew off. The shot was accidental. It was very windy and cold on Lake Ontario at the time.

    Mary- Yes, we do deserve time to look after our physical and mental health, no matter how busy we are.

    Laura- The reason I didn't trash the picture was because I thought I could make it look like a lovely "Laura picture". You do pseudo-impressionistic art photos very well.

  7. Those Bufflehead photos aren't all that blurred.-That photo would be a keeper for me.

  8. Thanks Larry. Compared to pictures with a really good SLR digital camera, mine are very amateurish. But they record impressions and memories I enjoy.


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