Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Packing Snow!

We receive a good amount of snow in our area each winter, but very seldom is it good packing snow. Packing snow is essential for snowballs and snowmen and the temperatures must be close to freezing for it to be heavy and sticky. This is what fell around evening rush hour yesterday making a slippery commute for drivers and a very pretty decoration for the trees.

The Becka and I went out to clear some snow before my husband got home and it was very heavy to push and lift the shovel. We decided it would be much easier to clear the driveway and sidewalks by making giant snowballs for a snow man. We have a corner lot and a double driveway so in no time we had our snow man made.

The shoveling was much easier after this. Dakota loves the snow and tried to catch snowballs we threw his way. Snow has come much earlier than last year when we never had snow that stayed until mid-January. The local ski club has been making extra snow for its slopes since the weekend. The white ground does brighten the grey, short November days and snow is preferable to freezing rain. More is on the way today, but the temperatures have dropped and we will have dry, blowing snow. Maybe we will have a white Christmas this year.


  1. I miss snow. :( Perils of moving out here instead of living in Ohio.

  2. Wow, I can't believe that much snow fell. we didn't get any.
    Jesse will be upset when he hears that you we able to make a snowman...maybe it will still be there on the weekend:-)

  3. Ruth, We got our first snowfall yesterday just after dark. Snow shovel in hand this morn:)

  4. Ahhh, Ruth. When I enlarged your last photo it reminded me of an old-fashioned Christmas card. So nice!

  5. Anonymous9:35 pm GMT-5

    Wow, great snow for sure! We have gotten some but nothing like that!

  6. Your Dad called from Stephen's (northern Mexcio) to say that this morning they scraped ice from car windows.
    Here it is 10 C in the morning and 28 by noon. Pointsettas are getting huge and azalias are coming out for Christmas too.
    Mexico Mom

  7. Maureene- Snow is fine if you don't have to drive or commute! ;-) I don't know if I am very sentimental about it, but I might as well make up my mind to enjoy it here.

    Michele- I hope there is more sticky snow for Jesse. The cold wind today already dried things a lot.

    Jean- Hope your first snow shoveling of the season didn't hurt!

    Mary- The white looks pretty for sure, especially when it sticks to the trees.

    Monarch- Your turn is coming for sure!

    Mexico Mom- Congratulations on setting up a Google account! I have heard how cold it is at Stephen's place. At least we have central heat! You have to send me some flower pics. I need some inspiration for Friday Flowers.

  8. Our snow was quite light and fluffy today ... but it sure did snow ball on the little dog we took for a walk! We didn't try to make a snow man OR a snowball ... how boring can we get?!

  9. Anonymous6:37 pm GMT-5

    we had cold, but no snow today... but "They" are predicting a hum-dinger for the weekend. Can't wait... better put my snowshoes in the car!

  10. Nice snow scenery! I'm looking forward to our first real snow.A white Christmas would be nice!

  11. CS- That light, fluffy snow just doesn't work for building anything, but it is easier to shovel. You could make a snow angel!

    Jennifer- We are getting precipitation every day and seem to be on the snow line. Twenty miles south is rain, but we are maybe half a degree colder. Hope you get enough for snowshoes soon!

    Larry- I hope you get a white Christmas too, but in nice amounts that doesn't require emergency road closures!


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