Saturday, November 10, 2007

New Feeder

I am so enthusiastic about my new feeder birds! I went to a garden centre today to see what else was available for encouraging the birds to stay around my yard for the winter. I bought a peanut feeder, and as I was hanging it up, the Red-breasted Nuthatch attacked it fearlessly. He was six inches from my face and pecked at the peanuts with plenty of gusto. This is one way to keep a nuthatch in one place for thirty to sixty seconds! I think I will have this bird tamed before the Chickadees! You may need to pause the video clip while it buffers, depending on the speed of your internet connection.

My daughter started Christmas baking this weekend, accompanied by Christmas music and movies. The recipes are in
Come Home for Supper.


  1. Ruth! I'm inspired! Your video AND the peanut feeder. I'm headed out to the WBU as soon as they open.

    How lucky can you get? Nuthatches and daughters baking Christmas cookies:0)

  2. They are bold little birds.-I think I'm going to get ours to feed out of my hand soon.

  3. Christmas cookies--uh oh. I am behind already.

  4. Ruth, I'm so tickled that you are enjoying your back yard birds :o) Every day is exciting for me, too. Those nuthatches are quite pleasing and tame. Great video shot! Your red-breasted behaves like my brown-headed ones.

    I've been hearing Christmas music on the radio and while at the mall today, boy did I feel the pressure. I'm just now thinking about Thanksgiving :o/ Your daughter is keeping a wonderful tradition alive! Does she keep the cookies hidden and locked up until the holidays arrive?

  5. Cathy- I know I am very lucky in birds and daughters! The chickadees really liked the peanut feeder too and the squirrels were disgusted because they couldn't steal them.

    Larry- I think you should wear a glove. That beak looks like a jackhammer.

    KGMom- We always make our Christmas cake early so it can ripen. The cookies...well that wasn't my idea.

    Mary- Your brown-headed nuthatch doesn't venture anywhere near Canada. I never heard of one til I saw your post. Our Thanksgiving is over, so Christmas is the next big holiday. The cookies will be deep in the freezer. My daughter said that is all the baking she is doing.

  6. What a great feeder! I know they love to pick and pick for their food and so this should keep him around for much longer periods of time indeed!

  7. Our birds are very hungry these days - I feed ducks and quail,also.We have a kitchen stool at the back door and Buddy, the cat, dreams all day watching his "buffet" - he is so spoiled I don't think he'd bother - feathers in my teeth, no thanks:)Anyway, he's kept indoors. I see lots of evidence of the local cats.

  8. I must go out to H*me Dep*ot and see if they have a peanut feeder. The cardinals and bluejays love them. I enjoy them coming to the property for a snack.

    Christmas baking. Mmm! I must get some Splenda and make a few diabetic goodies.

    Thanks for visiting and commenting on my Remembrance Day post.


  9. WOW--great video of a beautiful bird! Maybe we should try one of those peanut feeders around here... Hmmmm....

  10. Congrats on the feeder and love your video! :)

  11. Hello,
    Do you put peanuts with shells in that feeder?

  12. Jayne- Yes, the sunflower feeder provided a "fly-by" option for the nuthatches. The peanuts keep them busy.

    Jean- We did have a predator neighbourhood cat who sat on the fence by the feeder. Thank goodness it is gone!The birds will get even hungrier when it gets colder.

    Mary- I got the feeder for $15, which was quite reasonable. Haven't seen many cardinals or Blue Jays yet. We do some Splenda and sugar-free baking too. I will get some of those recipes posted too.

    Peggy- thanks...I haven't tried many videos on my little camera and haven't got any idea how to edit them yet. Always something new to learn!

    Monarch- I have to learn your video-editing techniques. You are the one to inspire me to try video recordings.

    Hi Melissa- I see you are from around here. You put shelled peanuts in the feeder. I bought a bag of peanut halves at the garden centre, but next time I will go to Bulk Barn.

  13. Oh Ruth, that was so cute! What a determined little bird.

  14. Hi again, I went and got a feeder like yours, hoping to expand our bird inventory. I found 10 lbs of shelled peanuts at the TSC store in ST.Jacobs (by the market) for $11. Not sure if that's a good price but it's a start. The peanut feeder is driving my resident squirrel nuts! He smells them but he can't get them. :)

  15. Ruthie J- The pair are still here and keep me from my housework ;-)

    Melissa- Thanks for the peanut tip. I paid way more per pound for peanuts at the garden centre. I hope you get some good birds soon. The squirrels hang on my peanut feeder too, but can't get the nuts.


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