Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Flowers and Kathie's Poems

I have thoroughly enjoyed the two amaryllis plants my husband gave me for Christmas. Their blooms peaked this week and so these are the last pictures I will share. Once they are done I will be tempted to buy potted tulips and daffodils until my garden starts greening in April. This winter has been long, grey and white for the most part. Now we are coming to its bipolar days of teasing warmth followed by yet another blast of arctic air.

Kathie Brown is a blogger I have followed for a few years now. In Sycamore Canyon, she shared warm and inviting pictures of life with her husband Gus in Arizona. I envied her winter bird counts, her beautiful patio and desert jaunts. Last year they moved to Massachusetts and have endured cold and record snowfalls for weeks on end this winter. But she donned her winter woollies and worked very hard to count birds in January and is making the best of their change of circumstances. She now posts about life and birding at Kathie’s Birds

Kathie also writes poetry, simple verse, artistry with words - the kind of poetry I understand and appreciate. Here are two recent poems posted on her blog Kathie’s Poet Tree. Do stop there and read more.

This Winter White

When the winter dark and dreary
makes me feel, oh so weary,
and my eyes get oh so blurry,
from looking at all this white!
I start to think of sunny things,
pretty flowers, birds with wings,
hiking on a sunny day
through grasses green
and fresh mown hay,
it lifts my spirits and my mind
and mentally I leave behind
this cold white cage that quells my song,
this winter white and deep and long.

~Kathie Adams Brown (2-5-11)


Abundance is more than food
or drink,
It is a fullness of heart,
a thankfulness,
a contentment in the soul,
a serenity.
It is a warm and quiet place to eat your breakfast
On a cold winter’s day.

~Kathie Adams Brown (1-20-11)

Happy Friday with flowers and poems, warmth and friendship...


  1. Your husband sure knows how to pick flowers. It's absolutely beautiful. I love's Kathie's poems and will have to visit her blog to read about her "adventures". Nice Friday post!

  2. Somewhere, I have a photo of dad standing beside an amaryllis. I wonder if I could find it?

  3. Ruth, I am so pleased to know that my poetry has touched you so, especially the poem about Abundance. In a society where so many are obsessed with consumerism it is nice to know there are others who appreciate the simple things in life! Thank you for this wonderful tribute. You have put a smile on my face today!

    By the way, your amaryllis photos are stunning!

  4. Amaryllis are so showing ... and it is so nice to have that kind of show at THIS time of year. I have one that has bloomed 2 or 3 times for me since I bought the kit ... amazing seeing as I'm so neglectful with it.

    Great poems

  5. Those flowers are so beautiful.That is a sure way to brighten the home.

  6. These are beautiful. I'm thinking some bright blooms in the house would be a nice pick-me-up over the next several gray days.

  7. Your blooms are fantastic. So bright and cheerful.
    Kathie's poems are great - will check out more of them.

  8. Hi Ruth, thanks for the visit to our blog, the amaryllis is so lovely and colorful - sort of reminds me of the past holiday season when so many are sold. Thanks for the link to Kathiesbirds which I plan to check out next. Your poem was lovely. Do visit again and I will be sure to do the same.

  9. Very beautiful Amarylis. Spring is coming. It is this time of year that teaches us to be patient.

  10. "Bipolar days of teasing warmth..." made me laugh! That's sort of how it goes this time of year, isn't it? Beautiful amaryllis blooms will hopefully cheer you and let you know that spring WILL come... eventually. :c)

  11. Oh yes! yes! I love the music in those poems. I love a poem that carries you with it. That doesn't demand 20 re-reads for the gist.

  12. Beautiful flower photos! I don't often read peoms but I can definitely relate to those two that kathie wrote.

  13. The flowers and poems are lovely. Bipolar is a good way to describe this time of year!

  14. Thank you for the beautiful photo. It gave my winter weary soul a much needed lift this morning.


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