Saturday, July 29, 2006

Family Collage
My paternal grandfather came to Canada from Holland after World War 1. He had four children. The family has grown to 45 blood descendants.
My aunt just sent me a number of family photos of cousins I have not seen for a long time. Their families have grown. I put this collage together with the help of The Becka. It shows the family with my grandparents in the middle.
All 45 family members are here. Thank you to my Family Historian Aunt for sending the last 4 photos when she was busy packing and to Musical Aunt who submitted the last correction. If anyone has an improved photo, or wants something removed, let me know.
I know spouses are vital, but they are not on this family portrait.
Aug 5/06- Completely revised new collage with different grandparent photo as well other changes. Click image to enlarge.


  1. In this family, with certain members, spouses tend to be transient (not in your case). But the children remain constant.

  2. My blogger profile has a more recent photo of me (I was 15 in the one you have there I think...)
    These are photos of just me from this past year if you like.
    I am afraid I do not know half the people in the collage...

  3. Your dad sent me a better photo of you, Jaspenelle. I have edited the picture.


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