Tuesday, July 25, 2006


I love Lake Huron’s shoreline. Southampton has always been a favourite vacation spot. Bayfield is a great day trip from our home. If you like a bit more action, you should visit Grand Bend or Sauble Beach.

When I told my daughters that I wanted to go to Ipperwash beach, they were shocked. For half of their lives, there has been ongoing negative press about the Ipperwash Crisis. I promised to drive on to Grand Bend if the OPP or native protesters were still at the beach.

Turn off the news for at least half of the week!

We had a lovely day, peaceful and relaxing, on another beautiful part of our Great Lakes.

(Read The Becka's reflections on the day at the beach. I love her photo of her sandals.)


  1. I was just thinking about Southhampton today though dreaming of roadtripping up with Michael and then all the way up to Tobermory.

    I loved Becka's sandal pictures to, I can imagine it on a postcard...

  2. You and Michael would be more than welcome here if you made that road trip!


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