Sunday, July 23, 2006

I am excited that my Sandland Brother, who is working in the United Arab Emirates, has started a blog called Adventures in Sandland. He just had a landmark birthday this month, but never fear, he is a youth at heart. He has great photos of his peaceful spot in the middle east.

Sandland and I are shown above on my birthday in 1959! Wow!


  1. Heeeeeeey Mom!!!!!! That's right, after procrastinating on setting up an account on eblogger, I finally did it.

    ...nice picture by the's hard to imagine that you were a baby once! HA!!

  2. But that good looking boy .... soon to be a heartbreaker

  3. There is Dad! Wow, for some reason I have a hard time realising that is him since has always been older then me. Hehe.


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