Monday, September 17, 2007

Market Day

Who needs to do their own canning?

We had a lovely fall weekend with cold, crisp air and a hint of frost, not enough to kill the plants, but enough to allow the pleasure of bundling up in a sweater and jacket. The farmers' markets are at their best in the fall and are crowded and full of wonderful sights, sounds and smells. Because we stayed up far too late on Friday night, we did not get up to the market until noon.

This meant crowds, lineups and some foods sold out, but no one was impatient or hurried. This market has a large outdoor section, a two level building for food and craft vendors, a large flea market and a livestock exchange. You could leave with a bag of apples, a painting and a live pig if that was your fancy. The Mennonite influence is strong but vendors from other cultures are also present.

I like this Egyptian place for their hummus, goat feta cheese and savoury pastries. Free samples of meat, cheese, fruit and baking are available on many counters. One lady was preparing little squares of cheese for potential customers. While I had the luxury of sleeping in, market vendors start the day in the wee hours of the morning, driving by truck or by buggy and then setting up before the place opens.

This girl was on her lunch break and was having a little snooze while sitting in a big window in the market's upper level. Her day would not be over for a long time.

All our weekend activities were overshadowed by thoughts of Lisa. She would have wanted us to enjoy every minute of the the day. She has requested no flowers...just balloons at her funeral. She had left a book about dying in her office and wanted it to be read to the children. Here is Tammy, who has taken Lisa's place, reading it to a very attentive audience. All those listening, including some parents and teachers, were sad and there were tears shed. But these feelings will be replaced by good memories and hopefully an absence of fear for the future.

Life is a precious gift!


  1. Anonymous5:10 pm GMT-4

    Stephen and I both have fond memories of this market, especially donut holes and Octoberfest suasage. Mmmmm----
    Mexico Mom

  2. That photo of all those canned goods in jars was amazing, Ruth. I can truly appreciate how many hours of effort went into that many jars.

  3. What a sad thing about Lisa's life ending so young. But the amazing thing is she continues to minister even after her death--just by allowing people to deal with it.

  4. What a beautiful photo of the girl resting her eyes Ruth. I like Lisa idea of balloons instead of flowers.

  5. Jean- We need to contemplate life's joys and sorrows.

    Mom- Apple fritters remain my favourite market treat! Some different, tasty ethnic foods are available there now too.

    RuthieJ- I wondered if the snoozing girl had worked on all that canning. The variety of jams, jellies and sauces that are sold at that stall is amazing.

    KGMom- You are right. She will live on in our memories. We need to experience the hard things in life to mature.

    Jayne- Thanks. I was happy to get that picture as it was obtained without intrusion. I agree... balloons are a symbol of hope and joy.

  6. Nice post, Ruth. The photo of the young girl sleeping was very thoughtful of you.

    Lisa's life will live on, just as your photo of the children shows.


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