Thursday, September 13, 2007

More from the Swamp

Our weather man reminded us that we should be seeing snow within the next six weeks. The leaves are starting to turn, and the nights are cool, but I am not ready for snow. I love fall and want it to fill three full months. The birds are leaving quickly. I have been to the swamp three times in hopes of seeing more migrating species. Our evenings are short, and I am lucky to have thirty minutes of good light after dinner, even if I don't do the dishes right away.

The GBHs will leave too, but right now the fishing is good. This one blended right in with the stumps and was much harder to see than the herons on the river.

No wonder I never found a Green Heron all summer. They were behind the trees peeking out at me.

The multitudes of Mallards distract me from other less sociable birds. But they have their own charms and our children loved their antics when they were youngsters. This pair did a synchronized routine for several minutes. My first home visit is at 9:15 AM today. That gives me and hour to explore the swamp again now that it is light.


  1. Anonymous8:08 am GMT-4

    Wow, that is such a wonderful shot of the Green Heron! snow, what?? no way! then again maybe!

  2. I love that picture of the heron in the midst of the green of the swamp! Gorgeous!

  3. We get snow around Halloween here ... that's about 6-7 weeks away. I think I've been a bit depressed at the thought that winter is fast approaching. My husband LOVES cross counry skiing and can't wait for the snow to fly ... I like skiing but I like spring and fall the best.

    We had lots of the GBHs at the coast ... a great colony of them nested down by river about 1/2 hours drive from where I lived. We went out every year to watch the nest building and mating. They have made that area into an observatory and protected park now but it was previously prottected as the armed forces used that area to practice bridge building ... so it has been fenced off for years. (The armed force base in Sardis has since been disbanded and moved.) Great pic of the heron.

  4. Grrrrreat heron shots!

    I've noticed our days getting shorter, too, and we're usually inside by 8pm. Our fall season lasts for a few months here and it's beautiful. What we don't get is snow. I miss it. Can't imagine it right now, either.

  5. No, no snow Ruth! I'm still hanging on to the last threads of summer here! And then I want to enjoy three full months of a beautiful fall!
    I love your heron photo!

  6. Anonymous6:04 pm GMT-4

    You know I love snow. But I, too, love fall and am having a hard time finding time to photograph stuff with the shortening days. Lucky for me, I have some flexibility in my schedule and can sneak out during daylight to shoot, and work later when it's dark!

  7. Monarch- Thanks. I have at least 40 pics of that Green Heron doing everything from eating a fish to scratching his back. But I like the peek a boo one best.

    Ginger- The colours in that swamp are almost surreal. It looks tropical right now.

    Cicero Sings- I like snow, but I dislike slush and grey and dampness. Unfortunately , much of the winter is grey and drab until January and February. Two months of winter would be plenty.
    I hope to see a GBH rookery in the spring.

    Mary- You deserve a nice long fall after the scorching summer you have had.

    Pam- Thank you.I will wish the snow away with you. Last year we didn't have much of an autumn so we should get a good one this year

    Jennifer- I usually manage to get outdoors at lunchtime. This morning the sun was so bright and in front of me, that my pictures were more like silhouettes. The lower sun does have its challenges and benefits.

  8. What a great area, Ruth. I'm glad you've been able to walk around there and share all these excellent pictures with us.


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