Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Rate My Life

This Is My Life, Rated
Take the Rate My Life Quiz

The Tundra PA at Tundra Medicine Dreams, (one of my favourite blogs) featured this quiz recently. With a blog entitled Body Soul and Spirit, I could not resist doing a post on it as well.

After answering a few simple questions, your life is rated out of a possible score of ten. My current score is well above average, but I cannot take credit for all the points I gained. I was born into a loving and supportive family, enjoy good health, am free from chronic illness or disability, and have had the advantage of a good education and job opportunities. Other areas are in my control, but my score would drop considerably if I had the misfortune of losing a close family member or my financial independence.

A short quiz like this cannot really place a value on your life, but it does demonstrate how wholeness of body, mind, and spirit are necessary for fulfilled and healthy living. My own observations have led me to believe that a healthy mind and spirit contribute to fulfilment more than a healthy physical body does. I see this over and over again when working with people with physical disabilities. A healthy body without emotional stability or spiritual focus can lead to much unhappiness.

We are entering a campaign for a fall provincial election. The Ontario Medical Association had a full page ad in yesterday's paper with their priorities for Ontario's health care. They were listed like this: (the numbering is correct)

1. Fix the shortage of health care professionals
1. Implement the patient e-record
1. Ensure the right care when, where and how people need it
1. Commit to raising a generation of healthier kids

I highlighted the last priority. Our society has become more fragmented and mobile. Stable family and community relationships are absent for too many children. Childhood obesity is a well documented problem and many children have little interaction with outdoor life. Add to that an absence of any type of spirituality in many homes and this completes a formula for a poor score in the above life rating.

Take the quiz for fun. The score is just a number, but it may give you something to think about.


  1. I will take the quiz--which is something I love to do.
    Before I read your comment about the name similarity, I was struck with Body Soul Spirit in the quiz.
    I guess I have to go find a mumbling quiz!

  2. Wow Ruth, your scores are really high! That's great! And I can see why you just had to take this quiz. I'll have to try it out.

  3. I will take this quiz. I love quizzes like this one. I agree with your concern for childhood obesity. We had a lengthy discussion today at the office about the same subject. Our countries and families, somehow, need to encourage, and revert back to physical fun vs. sedentary fun...which I am doing NOW!

    I like how you incorporated Body Soul and Spirit in your post. Makes sense.

  4. Hmm, I will have to check this quiz out! Thanks!

  5. 9.1 out of a possible 10? That's a good score, Ruth. Thanks for sharing the information with us and I'm off to check out this quiz for myself.

  6. KGMom- I am sure you can find a mumbling quiz on the internet somewhere. ;-) I don't know who designs quizzes like this and how much research goes into it. So it is just for fun.

    Pam- My score has been up and down over the years for sure, like everyone else.

    Mary- I see too many children who have little family stability and are allowed to do as they please. Some families are just too busy to spend time on the important things that make a difference for the rest of their relationships and good health habits.

    Monarch- You make a difference in the life of others, especially the lucky children you mentor.

    RuthieJ- I take no personal pride in that score. Like I said to Pam, life has ups and downs, and currently it is up. Things could change tomorrow, and that is the real test of our spiritual and emotional health.

  7. I just took the quiz, Ruth. I rate above average in all categories but my score wasn't a 9.1! Maybe tomorrow :o)

    Spiritual, Friends & Family, and Finance was my highest rating. It's my link to nature, I think.

  8. Anonymous2:01 pm GMT-4

    Dad & I tried the test I believe honestly and we each rated 9.2. Must be because we have a wonderful family as there are no parents or grandparents left.
    Mexico Mom

  9. Interesting quiz-No way I would rate that high.-Good point about children being out of touch with nature.

  10. Ruth, I took the quiz and overall score was only 7.3. I only had one "strongly agree". Many interesting questions...I had to think a little bit and do some self-examination.

  11. Mary- good for you. I took the quiz twice and got 2 different scores. Just depends on the day how you decide to answer those subjective questions.

    Mom- I think the scores have a potential to go higher as you get older. An 18 year old is not going to have a house with no mortgage and may not have established lasting relationships outside the family yet.

    Larry- I may rate lower next week or next month. Today my job was a chore, but usually I love it.

    RuthieJ- "strongly agree" is hard to define. Two people may assess that differently, just like some teachers don't hand out A grades very often.


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