Thursday, September 27, 2007

Fisher Birds

A GBH reacts to my appearance at the swamp

I have identified a modest number of birds this season in the Grand River Area, about 8o to date. In my wanderings through various trails and bushes I have come to love ones near water the best. My husband is an avid fisherman (he is fishing again this weekend) and it seems that I am drawn to fishing birds as well. I never tire of watching herons and admire their elegance and graceful movements. I stopped at the local swamp on my lunch break today, and if the batteries in my camera had not died, I would have forgotten the time. I have not taken many videos with my camera, and need to work on keeping my hand steadier, but the above short sequence shows a Great Blue Heron reacting to my presence at the edge of the swamp.

I had spent an hour trying to get a picture of the local Kingfisher a couple of weeks ago. Today I almost missed her among the ducks and geese, closer to the land than than she had ever been.

Perhaps I will get a closeup someday.

The Green Herons are still around and are consistently in the same areas of the marsh. They lack the graceful height of their blue cousins, but are stealthy and effective fishers.

I do enjoy the smaller birds who do not fish for a living. Goldfinches have a happy song and boisterous flight pattern that makes me smile when I see them. But when winter comes, I will be hanging out near the local rivers and ponds looking for water birds who will stay here in relative warmth compared to their northerly nesting grounds. These herons will not be among them so I will enjoy them while I can.


  1. Anonymous8:51 pm GMT-4

    Wonderful GBH clip that you captured! I also love the kingfisher shot! BRAVO

  2. Great photos!-Love the Green Heron and Kingfisher photos.

  3. Really enjoyed the video.

  4. Monarch- You are so gracious! I will enjoy the little birds I have trouble finding on your blog with your great close-ups.

    Larry- This Kingfisher pic is a little less blurry than the last. I will keep trying to get closer. I only see the female. I wonder why?

    Jean- Thanks. My first little experiment with video. But I won't quit my job yet ! ;-)

  5. Ruth, your photos of the herons and kingfishers are making me green with envy!

  6. Hi Ruth,
    Your video was great! I don't think I've ever seen a GBH walking--only standing still in the water. That was really cool!

  7. Ruthie- thanks. There are so many herons in this area. Sometimes they charge each other and they compete for the best fishing spots.


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