Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday Flowers: Closing for the Season

The trails I walk are lined with wildflowers closing their heads and going to seed at the end of the summer. The showy blooms of Queen Anne's Lace have been centre stage in the meadows for weeks now but are responding to change of season, the shortening hours of sunlight and the cool evening air.

Wild oats have grown year after year on this land that used to be part of a farm. Heavy seeded heads droop among the clover. I remember collecting oats like these from a friend's farm when I was eight or nine years old. My brother and I crushed the individual seeds with a rock to make "rolled oats" which we gave to our mother for the porridge pot. I couldn't resist crushing a seed for my daughter.

Not everything is closing though. Some flowers bloom in the cool weather and survive the early frosts of fall. Autumn Joy Sedum is opening in my garden and bees are attracted in large numbers to the blossoms. This bee's pollen sacks are full as it prepares for the arrival of winter.

Woodland Sunflowers are at their peak and the bright blooms of the tall plants catch the sun's lowering rays in the afternoon.

New England Asters are native perennial wild flowers that add bright blue and purple colour to the yellows and oranges of the autumn season. They are just now staging a fall opening and will bloom well into October. By then, the season for all flowers will be closed until the long winter has passed.


  1. Anonymous8:16 am GMT-4

    I too have noticed the wild flowers "preparing" for the winter. As they go back into seed it's comforting to know that in a few months they will bring pleasure again.

    I seen the Woodland Sunflowers this week on the trails and wonder what they were called. They are a very pretty vabriant yellow flower. I almost picked some and then decided that I would enjoy them much more along the trails then in a vase.

    As always a lovely Friday Flower post.

  2. Ahhh--such a lovely tribute to approaching fall with all its beauty.
    My sister in law LOVES autumn joy sedum. Interestingly, here in central PA it is called "Ever-live" because you can break off a twig, stick it in the ground and that will take root.

  3. I didn't know you could make rolled oats from wild oats? Thanks for the tidbit!
    Your flowers look lovely. My perineals have dried up, but my container flowers are enjoying the cooler weather, by showing off their bright colours.

  4. Beautiful photos Ruth..but I am sad that fall is on it's way or should I say winter...

  5. It is a interesting and lovely blog.


  6. We had our first frost this morning ... ice on the bird baths! Fall's arrival will thus be expedited!

  7. Nature's color always amazes me - and I love your photos.

  8. Cheryl D- Woodland Sunflowers are plentiful this year and it is tempting to pick a few. I think I will look at planting some in my back border instead.

    KGMom- "Ever-live" is an appropriate term. I broke off a stem years ago from a friend's garden and I have several large clumps of sedum from that one piece. I like the look of it in winter too.

    Wendy- I didn't plant any container flowers this year. My perennials are finishing but a few are still blooming. My Evening Primrose leaves turn deep red and look lovely in the fall.

    Michelle- I do like fall, but winter is just too long up here.

    CS- Last year we didn't get frost until the end of October, but that was exceptionally late. It has been as low a 4C here last week.

    Jean- Every week shows a change and I never get tired of watching the changes.

  9. Pretty post-I've noticed some changes coming.-Most of all I've noticed that there has been a real lull in the inland bird action this past week.

  10. Hi Ruth,
    I saw bunches of honeybees on my autumn joy sedum yesterday afternoon and the asters are just starting to open up. Hopefully we'll have these beautiful fall flowers for several weeks yet....

  11. This is just what I am seeing and feeling, but better illustrated..


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