Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday Flowers: Mums the Word

Mystery Pots - June 11 ( Neil's Pictures)

Neil is my husband's co-worker. He loves photography and has a natural curiosity that leads him to good photo opportunities. They work in a rural area north of the city where there are many Mennonite farms. Neil noticed these pots and the interesting irrigating system as he drove to work last June and had no idea what they were.

Mystery Pots - Aug 21 (Neil's Pictures)

He took this picture of the same field in August. There appears to be another crop in the foreground but the pots are visible in rows, now full and green but not yet identified.

Mystery Solved - Sept 10 (Neil's Pictures)

He posted this picture recently on his Flickr site showing chrysanthemums in full bloom, filling the field with beautiful colour. So that is how they grow them around here!

Pots of fall mums were set out for sale yesterday at one of our local farmers' markets. I have purchased several over the years and have planted some of them in my garden where they come up season after season. If you cut them back by half on the first of July, they produce many more blooms in September and October. These frost hardy plants add colour to my autumn garden but are also very effective placed in pots on a deck or porch.

Perhaps I shall buy a new colour or variety this year.

And thanks to Neil for letting me use his pictures.


  1. I like your new look for your blog.
    It was an interesting series of photos watching the "pots" grow.

  2. How interesting. I love the photos. Mums really mean autumn, don't they?

  3. Loved the sequence of photos!

  4. Anonymous4:29 pm GMT-4

    How beautiful! We sure don't have that variety of color in Mexico or have I seen them in Texas.
    What new color will you add?

  5. I love the bright golds, reds, and purples of fall mums. They are just beautiful in the garden. I'm curious too - What new colour will you add?

  6. What an interesting way to grow Mums but you end up with a beautiful pallet in the end. As mcmountainwoman said "Mums really do mean autumn". If I was choosing a colour I would be picking orange, it is my favorite.

  7. I like the photo with the neatly organized mums on the farm.

  8. Beautiful new header Ruth. :c) How neat to see the mums grown like that!

  9. Can you believe it - so beautiful.

  10. Those watering things look like little IVs for the plants. I just bought 4 pots of yellow mums for the front. I don't have any room to plant them in a sunny area which is a shame.

  11. What a fun and informative post this is; and how beautiful the last photo is, full of colour!

  12. Thanks to all who commented. I went to the market again but did not pick out a new plant. I prefer warm fall colours, oranges and reds to the purple and and white varieties.
    (The new header is a work in progress... I am not sure about it yet)

  13. Ruth,

    Mums are such a beautiful autumn flower. I love the autumn color that they provide. How interesting about the mystery pots. I have never seen Mums grown in this manner.

    I always find your posts very interesting and your blog balm for the soul.



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