Friday, October 26, 2007

Friday Flowers: Late Bloomers

I took this picture of Grandma Anne's old home yesterday. She was my husband's grandmother, a beloved lady who has been gone for many years now. A light frost was on the roof of the house as the sun was rising. This week has seen the return of fall temperatures and there are more leaves on the ground than on the trees.

But in the past few days, I have noticed a number of brave plants blooming brightly, well past the end of the growing season. Perhaps they did not get enough light earlier, and since there is less vegetation around competing for space and sun, they now have their opportunity to flower.

We are a society obsessed with youth. Many successful performers are still in their teens at the peak of their careers. Young adults work hard to find a career that is fulfilling and financially rewarding and middle aged adults may have difficulty competing in the workplace. But there are those who find their calling later in life, even after retirement.

Many writers, painters, politicians and successful business owners did not discover their talents and abilities until middle age or older. Some people have the courage and ambition take up new challenges when their peers are settling into retirement.

I see the passion for learning and growing among many bloggers I have come to know. Some are gifted writers, poets and photographers. Others express themselves in original art or write about new hobbies and skills they are learning. While others around them are wilting and drawing back from life, they reach for the light and grow and bloom.

Perhaps the late bloomer is a young person who found school a challenge. Later than most, they achieve academic success and go on to surpass those who may have disdained them in the past.

When she was little, The Becka loved the story, Leo the Late Bloomer. I read it to her many times.

"Leo the tiger couldn’t do anything right. He couldn’t read or write. He couldn’t draw, and he was a sloppy eater. Every day and every night Leo’s father watched him for signs of blooming. Then one day, in his own good time—Leo bloomed!"

Your "own good time" "own good time" may be just ahead somewhere!

I wrote this post early in the week and looked for pictures afterwards. This morning I notice that Jennifer and Monarch have also written posts about late blooming wildflowers. Was meant to be :-)


  1. Hi Ruth,
    I'm still seeing a few flowers out in the woods too. We've had a couple frosty nights this week, but the weather service is predicting lows in the 20's (F) for tomorrow night, so that will take care of most of them.

  2. Let's hear it for late bloomers!
    Blogging has encouraged some of us to either bloom late, or bloom again!

  3. I think I'm a late bloomer. I appreciate retirement so much for one CAN explore new and exciting avenues ... with no real financial worries. I think it frees one's spirit up so one can get creative. Creativity, no matter what sort, takes time. One has time to dream and then do.

    My last job included dealing with payroll benefits which included pension stuff. I tried to encourage as many people as I could to take their retirement early ... at least by 60 as opposed to 65 and as early as 55 if they could swing it! So many were so very WORRIED to let go of their job but everyone of them was so glad when they finally did. My husband went to a retirement seminar before he retired and was told about a study that had been done with Boeing employees. Those that worked at "their job" until 65 had a far less life expectancy than those that retired at 55. I have seen it myself over the years. So if you want to live long and enjoy life, retire as young as you can ... branch out ... get creative.

    Good post. Great pics and lead in to the topic!!!!

  4. Anonymous1:29 pm GMT-4

    I have been seeing many post recently about late blooming flowers! Although, I think yours is the nicest and more than anyone else has!

  5. Lovely photos. I always enjoy the late autumn blooms. We still have some flowers in the garden that haven't been hit by frost. We haven't had a heavy frost yet, but I believe we will this weekend.

    Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos. Have a safe and happy weekend.

  6. I love the thought that I may just reinvent myself as life rolls along. Just the mere thought of that makes me smile. Bloom on, no matter where you are in your life! :c)

  7. Anonymous8:39 pm GMT-4

    You are so incredibly thought-full with your posts. I enjoy reading them. Lately, I've just been too tired to find meaningful themes to write about... I'm not complaining... I am blessed with such a rich life!

  8. RuthieJ- It is cooler, but still no frost. I still am picking tomatoes!

    KGMom- You will publish a book yet!

    CS- What an inspiring comment. Lots of food for thought. I have never though of retiring early, because I do love my job. Your life and hobbies are so interesting though, I could be tempted easily.

    Monarch- How nice of you to say that.

    Mary from ON- If you get a heavy frost, we will too. Its too wet tonight I think.

    Jayne- That attitude will keep you young for sure.

    Jennifer- I am usually inspired once a week or so. Sometime I do drafts for several posts then. Glad you are tired from doing things you enjoy.


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