Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Lake Erie

I have lived near the Great Lakes for most of my life. When I lived in Toronto, Lake Ontario was often in view and I have travelled the length of this lake's north shore often. I have seen some of the south shore in New York State as well. We spent many summer weekends and holidays on the shores of Lake Huron and have travelled to the Michigan side of this lake several times. My husband and I drove along the north shore of Lake Superior one summer as far as Thunder Bay Ontario. I have never seen Lake Michigan and realized to my surprise this summer that I had never seen Lake Erie. My husband has fished on this lake frequently, but I do not enjoy being 10 to 20 miles from shore in a smallish boat.

The Grand River winds through our region and eventually empties into Lake Erie at Port Maitland near Dunnville. One weekend at the end of this summer, we drove along the Grand River Scenic Parkway which starts south of Brantford, all the way to the lake. I will describe the Grand River later, but for now, here is a poem by Pauline Johnson, the native Canadian poet I wrote about previously here. She lived on the banks of the Grand River and undoubtedly stood here where the river meets the lake.

And I waved across the lake to my blogging friends on the south shores.


Pauline Johnson

A dash of yellow sand,
Wind-scattered and sun-tanned;
Some waves that curl and cream along
the margin of the strand;
And, creeping close to these
Long shores that lounge at ease,
Old Erie rocks and ripples to a fresh sou'western breeze.

A sky of blue and grey;
Some stormy clouds that play
At scurrying up with ragged edge, then laughing blow away,
Just leaving in their trail
Some snatches of a gale;
To whistling summer winds we lift a single daring sail.

O! wind so sweet and swift,
O! danger-freighted gift
Bestowed on Erie with her waves that foam and fall and lift,
We laugh in your wild face,
And break into a race
With flying clouds and tossing gulls that weave and interlace.


  1. Nice pictures, Ruth. Looks like you had the same kind of windy day that we had yesterday.

  2. I have had a swim in all of the lakes except Superior. I've dipped my toes in it, but no swimming. Isn't the drive North of Superior quite wonderful?

  3. The only Great Lake I've seen is Ontario.-Thanks for the lovely pics and poem!

  4. I see Lake Erie more than any other lake! Hey didn't know you use to live in Toronto! Not far from my neck of the woods!

  5. I enjoyed these photos, Ruth. I have not seen any of the lakes (shame on me). One day...

  6. Ruthie- I actually took these pictures at the beginning of September. There was a storm moving in from the lake. We have had very windy weather here recently though.

    AC- The Great Lakes are cold! I have only been in Lake Huron in July. The water at this location on Lake Erie was quite smelly. I wasn't even tempted to stick any body part in the water. The Lake Superior route was one of the nicest road trips I have ever taken. I do like northern Ontario in the summer.

    Larry- Well, you have the ocean nearby. I would like that.

    Monarch- You were one of the bloggers I was waving at. I live only an hour from Toronto and 3 hours from you. I have mapped it out in case I am able to come to your banding place.

    Mary- You must come to the Niagara Region sometime. Then you can see Lake Ontario and Lake Erie.

  7. Beautiful pictures and you were in my vicinity when you drove along the Grand. Pauline Johnson was my childhood heroine. I was raised only one concession from her homestead on #54 highway, just outside of Brantford. She actually went to school at Central School for a time.

    Enjoyed your post. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Mary from ON- Pauline Johnson was a remarkable woman, worthy of admiration. I wanted my daughter to see the reserve, Pauline's homestead and Caledonia so she could understand the background of the conflict going on with the native Canadians. It is a beautiful area .


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