Thursday, March 06, 2008

March Break

The hospital parking lot

I don't know when the winter weather is going to give us a break, but I am taking a March break for a week or so. Yesterday we were dumped with 20 cm of snow and the next snow storm is forecast for the weekend. Tempers are definitely flaring, even with die-hard winter enthusiasts who have had enough winter driving and shoveling.

Lots of snow at the grocery store

My daughter called me to say the plow had gone down the street and she had tried to clear the end of the driveway. But she found it impossible to throw the heavy snow six to eight feet up on the snowbanks. The afternoon shift at the hospital found there were no parking spots left in the lot when they came in yesterday. It was a busy day, but many parking lot spaces are occupied by mountains of snow.

The sun shone after the storm. I noticed that our Goldfinches are also getting new feathers and are starting to show their new bright spring and summer colour.

See you soon...Hopefully it will be spring when I return!


  1. Oh - you're right Ruth. It's the bird song and the lovely blush of change in their plumage that gives us hope. Thanks for sharing the glow :0)

  2. Enjoy your time away Ruth. Bring the spring back with you.

  3. I understand you are needing a break. It's just too much (snow).

    Your goldfinch is telling you something...

  4. Thank you for leaving us with the pretty picture of the goldfinch. I know what you mean about the snow--enough is enough.

  5. Anonymous7:16 pm GMT-5

    You are really getting snowed under in the east. Have a great break, and hopefully by the time you return all the snow will have melted. :)

  6. Anonymous8:59 pm GMT-5

    I feel blessed for the few breaks that I have gotten but big storm is expected over the weekend! Ugg, it's almost spring!

  7. Enjoy your break, Ruth. And let's hope that this weekend's storm is a lot less than forecasted.

  8. Have a wonderful week Ruth. We'll shovel the snow away while you're gone! ;c)

  9. Good heavens, so much snow!!!
    Old man Winter has been a little bit too generous with the white stuff this year.

    Glad you decided to take a break Ruth. And your little goldfinch is sweet!

  10. Beautiful, thanks for sharing

  11. Enjoy your time away - hope you find spring!


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