Saturday, March 15, 2008

Singled Out

I have never felt very comfortable being the centre of attention even though I am not as painfully shy as I used to be. It is nice to receive recognition once and a while though, especially when it is sincere and from people who are special to you.

About a month ago I handed in my resignation for my job as a community physiotherapist. I left the hospital in 1995 and worked full time in this capacity for the next nine years. There were many changes in the way home care was delivered in this time and I went from being an employee of the regional government to a contract worker for a private company. The reporting requirements have become more complex and time consuming every year. Therapists work from a home office and the paper work and calls are always there awaiting completion. In 2004 I returned to the hospital but kept a small community caseload as well. I really love visiting people in their homes and find the patient part of the work very rewarding. But the time had come to move on and have just one job. I took the recent blogging break to finish my paperwork and visits and refused to let myself become diverted from my task until it was done.

Last night some of my co-workers from the community, past and present, honoured me with a supper and a gift. The beautiful potted Bouvardia shown in these pictures was one of my presents. I hired some of them when I was the professional leader between 2000-2004. All of them are good friends and committed therapists who have been great to work with. I look forward to maintaining these friendships.

My cousin Samuel returned from several weeks with his family in Arizona just in time for the big snowstorm last Saturday. He had been saving a gift for me since my birthday in January and I received it today. Samuel has one and his life list is much longer than mine. But I shall start recording my bird sightings in this Birder's Journal and hopefully add a trip or two to Arizona or Mexico to get some of the south-western species.

Gifts are nice, recognition is appreciated, but friends are best of all!


  1. Ruth--your closing line says it all.
    And I agree with you about recognition--it's not the engine that powers me. It's nice to be recognized, but I'd do the things I care about without recognition.

  2. How lovely Ruth. It's nice to know that you are appreciated and made a difference. I know you will miss the contact with people at home, where they are more apt to be themselves, but less stress is best. What a lovely gift from young Samuel. :c)

  3. Welcome back to blogland.

    I'm sure you'll find the reduced work commitment helps to make life a little less hectic.

  4. Hi Ruth - that's a beautiful plant. I'm sure each time you look at it or water it you will remember those who gave it to you and why. And that sure is a neat birthday gift from your young cousin; it was well worth waiting for.

  5. Hope yu'll find yourself with plenty of time to record bird sightings in that new journal!

  6. 'friends are best of all!'

    Yes a thousand times :-)

  7. KGMom- I am quite happy to be under the radar, especially when it is something I enjoy doing.

    Jayne- I learned a lot in Home Care and realize that a lot of people do not understand what has been said to them at a hospital or clinic, and that many people are non-compliant with treatment. (for many reasons) Hopefully I remember these lessons.

    AC- Yes, there are lots of things to enjoy outside of work.

    Mary- Thoughtful gifts for sure!

    Laura- I decided to start this journal on Mar 15 as a new list at the start of the spring season. I hope to break last year's numbers.

    Rob- Yes, we do need people, real people, not always cyber people, although bloggers are friends too.

  8. I hope this move turns out to be a positive change for you.-I am not very comfortable with recognition either.-I just like to do the best that I can so that I can live up to my own standards.-Hope you enjoy your future trips.


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