Saturday, March 22, 2008

Spring Haibun

Cold north winds blow across the field chilling our faces as we trudge across the rough slippery surface. The icy crust breaks and the snow reaches our knees.

The unmistakable oak-a-lee of a male Red-winged blackbird resounds from the top of a bare tree. Perched far above the cattails of the frozen swamp he surveys the area in preparation for his mate who will arrive shortly.

Two robins hop from under a neighbour's car. The new spring arrivals to our street are celebrated with smiles and laughter. Suddenly the wind is not as bitter and the snow does not seem as deep.
Winter's grasp is weak.
Birds, budding branch, sun and rain,
Harbingers of spring.


  1. Oh, Ruth, how lucky to have robins - looks like slim pickings with all the snow. I saw my first red winged blackbird today.

  2. Hello Ruth,
    My first robin sighting this year was Thursday. We are going to the maple festival today!

  3. Spring is in full swing here Ruth, so it will soon be your way... the Robins are always such a welcome sign.

  4. Yes! Yes!

    Smiles on the horizon.

    Smiles on our face :0)

  5. The landscape says winter, but you've picked out those birdbrained signs of spring. Wonderful pictures, as always.

  6. it's a good thing winter's grasp is weak because i'm rady to bust out and celebrate spring! Nicely written post!

  7. Ruth,

    Robins know. Spring is near - thank goodness. Is the the longest winter in history, or what?


  8. Jean- The robins have to eat frozen berries until the ground is soft enough for worms. That will be a while.

    Birdman- We saw our robins the same day!

    Jayne- I am envious of your spring now. Six more weeks til the leaves come out here.

    Cathy- Smile and hope!

    Femail Doc- Thanks...we have to be optimistic!

    Larry- It doesn't look like you have snow and you are seeing a lot more birds already. Spring has come you way in my estimation. :-)

    Mary- A very, very long winter.


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