Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Eighteen days later...

We left on September 10th for a few days on Manitoulin Island leaving The Becka to babysit the butterfly. This is what it looked like early that morning. I thought it had likely died as it was completely black.

Later , exactly 18 days from when the caterpillar pupated, the butterfly finally eclosed. A very excited Becka called me with the news.

She took a number of photos for me including one when the wings were still folded and wet, and one a while later as the wings opened up. Twenty three minutes elapsed between the two photos. It stayed indoors overnight and was released on the sedum early in the next morning when T.B. went to work. When she came home it had flown away.
A happy ending for all!
(click photos to enlarge)


  1. I told you it wasn't dead!!

    Also, keep in mind that I was a little worried when I called since I thought something was wrong with the wings when it emerged.

  2. Thanks for the best thing to being there!

  3. The pics are beautiful!

    It was really hard for me to know what to expect - despite all the websites I looked at.

    Mine took forever too and I was sure there was something wrong.

    Nature knows best, right?

  4. I remember that last part from when we were kids. No other pupae I collected was as dramatic as a Monarch.

  5. Yes, the monarch is beautiful in every stage of development. I like swallowtail caterpillars and butterflies too, but their chrysales are somewhat non-descript.


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