Saturday, September 16, 2006

Niagara Tree Climbers

This is the end of a week of vacation from work, a week that has been interesting and restful. Our final day trip was to Niagara-on-the-lake, one of the prettiest towns in Ontario. On a clear day you can look across the lake and see the CN Tower and Toronto skyline. Today was a cloudy, misty day with a surreal atmosphere. The orchards and vineyards were loaded with ripe fruit and many people were involved in harvesting the crops. We drove up the Niagara Parkway to Queenston Heights. This is the other end of the same escarpment we climbed earlier in the week. The Niagara River was grey and misty as it emptied into Lake Ontario. The flowers at the Brock monument were vivid in comparison. I was surprised to come across a pair of sisters climbing a cedar tree with strong and well positioned branches. They were delighted to pose for a photo. It is a long time since I have seen children in a tree! So I was inspired to write a little triolet…

Descending from the tree above
Hear laughter of two titian nymphs.
Their view is shared by squirrel and dove
Descending from the tree above.
Grow strong and brave and free to love
Climb to the highest bough, triumph!
Descending from the tree above
Hear laughter of two titian nymphs

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  1. Love that last pic of the tree-climbers!

    BTW - visiting from the festival of the trees (although I do anyway!)


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