Thursday, September 21, 2006

Spiritual Identity

This Real Age tip came to my mailbox...
Taking time to nurture your spirit may be a path to better health, according to some researchers. But what does it mean to be spiritual? The truth is, it's not about what you do, but how you feel. Any activity that gives you hope and strength, adds meaning to your life, and comforts you could be considered a spiritual endeavor. And the positive impact that spiritual practices have on physical health is just one more example of the powerful mind-body-spirit connection…
Nurture your spiritual health, and the feel-good glow that results might light up your physical health as well. Meditating, spending time appreciating nature, attending religious services, and working with charities are just a few of the ways people care for their inner selves. And those who do so tend to be happier with their physical health than nonspiritual people are. So do what you can to nurture your spirit and find meaning in life . . . you'll feel better, inside and out.
Religion, spirituality, and health status in geriatric outpatients. Daaleman, T. P., Perera, S., Studenski, S. A., Annals of Family Medicine 2004 Jan-Feb;2(1):49-53.

My spirituality is important to me and if it is not nurtured, I feel out of balance.
In my reading, I have noticed there is a tendency for some people to “bash” Christians, painting them all with the same brush. In every era, Christianity has been an abusive tool for some, who have used it as an excuse for political empire building, for murder and war. Religious hypocrisy is abhorrent, and religious power, Christian or otherwise, can be used to inspire fear in order to control groups of people.

Jesus was a very popular individual during his time on earth.
He was loved by the masses,
hated by the religious establishment.
A life patterned after Jesus’ example is not offensive.
He mingled with all groups,
showed love and compassion to rich and poor,
sinner and self-righteous,
the sick, strangers and foreigners,
those marginalized by society.
He valued women and children and ministered to their needs.
He did not have a political agenda on earth,
signed no petitions against the Romans,
did not seek fame or power.

There are many true Christians in the world who have sacrificed time, money, ambition, and even their lives in order to reach out to others. “Jesus loves me” is not their focus, but rather, “I will love you, because Jesus loves me”.

Elizabeth Sloan

I am a Christian. Because of my faith, I will strive to respect and befriend others, even those different than myself. This may mean showing kindness to my enemies, caring for the sick, feeding the hungry, clothing the poor, and using my resources wisely. At my workplace my patients and coworkers should be recipients of my love and compassion. I should not expect recognition or reward for my deeds. There are days when I will fail to demonstrate my desired behaviour, but I will persevere in my efforts to be Christ-like.
I am not your judge. I want to be your friend.
1 Corinthians 13


  1. You are a beautiful person *hugs*

  2. You echo my heart. Your spirituality truly shows in the words of your daily blogs. I'm proud to have you has my kin.

  3. Thank you both. At times it is easier to write about what I believe than to live it.


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