Friday, September 08, 2006

More on Monarchs.....
Our caterpillar pupated on August 23rd, 15 days ago. Bev, from Burning Silo, said that it took eight to ten days for their butterflies to eclose. I feel like an expectant parent waiting for an overdue baby. In the meantime, we are seeing many monarch butterflies flying around the city this week. The Becka took this photo of a butterfly (and bee) on the sedum in our garden this afternoon. (click photos to enlarge)

Our chrysalis has become transparent and the detailed markings of the butterfly inside are now visible. This butterfly is most reluctant to leave the cocoon, but it should emerge soon and be flying in the garden with the others.


  1. That looks awesome! I feel like an aunty XD

  2. If it emerges before I leave on holidays,(hurry up!) I will be able to determine if we had a boy or girl!

  3. I hope it emerges today too.

  4. Looks ready to go! Still waiting on mine (day 15).


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