Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Music Idol
In a previous post it was pointed out that we do not sing or make music as much now as was done in the past. Programs such as American or Canadian Idol entertain many people and encourage ridicule of musical performances.
I once knew a little girl who loved to sing and dance and she did so with gusto. One day a classmate told her she sang too loudly, so she stopped singing altogether.
Sarcastic, critical "humour" is very hurtful and can make people afraid to express themselves, especially musically. My nieces and nephews in Mexico are all very musical and perform confidently. My niece recorded her first CD of songs she wrote the lyrics for when she was 15 years old. (You can listen at her My Space website) The recording was done by amateurs, but she has talent and should be encouraged, not belittled.
We should be able to enjoy playing an instrument or a sport without feeling that we have to be as good as a particular music or sports "idol". And if we are part of the audience, we should be gracious and liberal with our praise.


  1. Anonymous7:30 pm GMT-4

    Bravo! I wholeheartedly agree with your comments and the fact that there is "talent" amongst your nieces and nephews.

  2. We all have God-given talents, more obvious in some than in others. The family has its artists, musicians,communicators, and other creative types as well. These gifts need to be encouraged.

  3. I hate American Idol. And all its spinoffs. Boooo!

  4. We should remember that people who go on shows like American Idol with no or very little talent do so of their own accord, they have no one else to blame but themselves when they end up humiliated. I never feel bad about laughing at the white trash who's mothers convinced them they had the voice of an angel when in fact the sound could be attributed more to a cat being swung by it's tail. Get some more input on your "gift" before you appear on international television.

    "Sarcastic, critical "humour" is very hurtful and can make people afraid to express themselves, especially musically."

    Maybe if we were *more* critical, sarcastic, and hurtful towards people who try to "express" themselves musically (and fail miserably) there would be less crap music out there (Paris Hilton for starters or just watch MTV for as long as you can stand)

  5. Too many people want to be musically famous, rather just enjoying their music casually. I agree that people on American Idol have to expect ridicule. Sarcastic ridicule in real life is hurtful though. You are right to say we should not be overly flattering either, making people think they are better than they are. And the likes of Paris Hilton...well no comment... I don't buy her music!

  6. Well apparently she sold 75,000 copies, which is 74,999 too many.

    By the way, I listened to Elisa's band (following the link to her myspace that you posted) and while the actual music was at best lackadaisical, the girl has an amazing voice; she would do well here in Spain. Thanks for posting the link.

    Oh and btw, Hi Aunt Ruth!

  7. Hello, dear Nephew. Glad you listened to Elisa's band.For someone without formal training, she has great natural talent. Her songs are original,not karaoke style, and are truly well suited to a Spanish audience.


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