Saturday, September 23, 2006

Market-able music of the masses
We have a number of fine farmers’ markets in our area and this is the peak time of year to visit them. The Becka and I went to the largest one today. The grey, muggy atmosphere and drizzle was brightened by colourful displays of mums, pumpkins, apples, other seasonal offerings, and of course, all those people! In previous posts, I have mentioned the “music idol” phenomenon and also the diversity of musical genres available that make group participation in music increasingly difficult.
Street musicians market their melodies all over the world with portable instruments and spontaneous, reproducible tunes. Canada has a large cultural diversity that can be described as a mosaic rather than a melting pot. These three musicians were at the market today, and each of them entertained the locals and tourists with well played, international music. The young woman with the violin was accompanied by her father on a guitar. She had a sign by her violin case saying that all donations received were for an AIDS clinic in Africa. Her Celtic jigs and light classical offerings inspired some to dance and clap as they walked by. The handsome piper had many admirers including this pair of Scottie dogs who visited with their master during a break in the music. The Scottish heritage in several surrounding communities is fiercely protected and Highland festivals attract large, enthusiastic crowds.
Finally, this recent immigrant played his Andean bamboo antara pan flute and had a table with handmade crafts from his native Equador.
Folk music is music by and of the common people. It emerges spontaneously in tunes and rhythms that identify times and cultures.
On the way home, we heard more street music…that heavy thump of amplified sound from sporty cars usually driven by young men...another form of portable, personal musical expression!
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  1. I think it will always remain my opinion that music is the best medicine for the soul - those street muscians must be very healthy indeed *smiles*


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