Monday, September 04, 2006



It is the last official long weekend of the summer and in reality, September is the beginning of a "new year" to me. I love the fall, much more than January, and find the change of seasons invigorating. It has been a cool, wet weekend...the kind of weather that motivates me to complete projects in and around home. My husband was up early this morning to set up his smoker. He is cooking salmon that has been marinating in a flavourful brine for the past 24 hours. The neighbourhood is blanketed with the smell of smoking wood chips, a sharp, pleasant contrast to the damp air. We will be going up north shortly for one last fishing trip of the season. Hopefully the weather will improve a little and there will be some more fish for the smoker.
To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven. Ecclesiastes 1:3


  1. You made me hungry for salmon now you know! The main reason Michael and I want a house is so we can do stuff like that. Autumn is my probably my favorite season, change is so dramatic during it, much more so then Spring I think, the cooler days are a much needed relief...

    I have a plaque half done that says that Ecclesiates verse on it...

  2. Yes, it is great to have a house and will get yours too. I really like the passage in Ecclesiates 3 and the 1965 song version done by the Byrds. It is an Oldies classic that can be sung!


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