Friday, August 12, 2011

Two Months Later...

Raven doing Pilates

It is two months since we brought home our new puppy and she has certainly changed our daily routines. Mornings before work and evenings after supper are spent exercising and training her. The only time this summer I had time to blog and was when we were away on vacation. What we invest in her early training will pay off handsomely as she is becoming a big dog and must learn to behave. She rewards us with love, affection, total devotion and many good laughs. Yesterday I noticed her trying to imitate me as I did a Pilates routine on the floor. She knows the red mat and the lady talking on the TV mean I will be doing some strange moves and she wants in on the action.

The highlight of the day is a romp at the leash-free dog park. She no longer hides under the bench but rushes out to play with her friends. It is in this environment we are teaching her to "come!" when called, and like a child in a playground, she chooses to ignore us sometimes. She is improving though.

Raven thinks the recycling bin is her toy box and she takes out every plastic container and amuses herself by flattening and throwing them about. We let her get away with it and are thankful she hasn't taken a liking to treating our shoes in the same way. She is at the peak of teething right now.

Pets are lots of work, but everyone in this household knows the benefits outweigh any inconvenience.

Animals are such agreeable friends - they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms.  
George Eliot

Raven at 12 weeks and 21 weeks...She has grown out of her red collar and gained a lot of confidence