Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Baby Robins' First Week

This is not the first year robins have nested in our yard. Usually they have nested in one our maples and I have not been able to see them. This nest is about six feet above the ground in an densely overgrown shrub at the side of the house. It faces the brick wall and is above the dryer vent. It would be difficult for predatory birds to get near it.
Good planning on the part of the robins!
I have been taking pictures of the birds about every second or third day.

They hatched last Tuesday evening when we had a frost warning. Today the expected high is 32C. The weather has changed and the birds...well, you can see how quickly they have changed! The picture shows them at 1 day, 3 days, 5 days and 7 days old. It is a full time job keeping these mouths fed! I was surprised at the emerging blue feathers.

Here is a winged bonus. This male Common White-Tail dragonfly was hanging around my flowerpots while I was watering. He wasn't about to crawl on my finger, but he did stay still long enough for a picture.


  1. I am amazed at the growth of those little things in just one week's time!

  2. Newborns grow incredibly fast and change from day to day! Keep an eye on those cuties! Brrrr. It's cold up there!

  3. Isn't it amazing how fast those little birdies grow? Thanks for sharing those those wonderful photos.

  4. Glad they survived the freeze. And the series of photos is neat--seeing the progression of life.

  5. Lynne- I am glad my babies didn't grow that fast!

    Mary- In Canada we use metric measurements. Distances are in km, weights in kg, and temperatures in Celsius. It is 32C here today, which is! Last week it was 0C which is 32F...cold!
    Be careful on our highways. If the posted speed says 100, it is 60mph.

    RuthieJ- You are the one who started me looking for nests.

    KGMom- I think the dryer vent must help warm their corner of the world. It certainly gave them some lint for the nest.

  6. In my rush, I saw I feel dumb. I'm glad it's warm, Ruth!

  7. Anonymous9:59 pm GMT-4

    awww, those baby robins are soo cute! Can't wait to see week two! Also love the com whitetail photo!

  8. Oh Ruth - I do hope you continue to keep us updated with new pix of those robins. So where do the "blue" feathers come from? I guess they don't stay blue for long, do they? Nice dragonfly photo, too.

  9. They have grown fast and are just adorable!

  10. Mary- its OK...metric still gets me confused after 35 years of it here. My height and weight will always be in inches and pounds.

    Monarch- I try not to bother them every day, but they do change that fast!

    MaryC- The blue feathers are a mystery, but I know they are robins!

    Jayne- I think they are cute, but my one daughter thinks they are very ugly and dinosaur-like. Who knows the eye of the beholder?

  11. I think the feather sheaths are what causes the blue appearance of feathers. Once their feathers begin to grow out of the sheaths a little more, they will look more robin-colored and it will look more like regular feathers. We'll watch for your next picture, Ruth, to see if this is happening.

  12. At least YOUR robins chose a SMART place to nest!


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