Saturday, September 29, 2007

Fall Fishing

My husband has never shown much interest in photography, but has taken the odd picture with a disposable film camera in the past. No one is using my first digital camera, a Kodak Easy Share DX 4530, any more. A group of guys from his workplace went to the owner's cottage for some fishing this weekend.

The beautiful cottage is on Lake Effingham in central Ontario. I gave my husband the camera and instructed him on how to use the auto setting only. I forgot that I had taken out the bigger memory card and had put in the 16MB card that came with the unit. Oops! The few pictures he took turned out very well and I am impressed with his eye for a good shot. (He does have a good eye for a puck, baseball and fishing lures.)

The fishing wasn't great, but the fall colours were. This little pan-sized bass was eaten along the others caught that day. The group saw very few birds and animals, but heard loons on the lake at night. He was hoping to get a picture of something new for me. But I loved the first picture of the weather front moving in from the west.

We used to go to this lake in mid-July when our girls were young. The area was swarmed by mosquitoes and deer flies at that time of year and there was no escaping them, day or night, unless you were under water or moving in a boat. Fall brings relief from these pests and is likely the best time to visit.

Time will tell how the new family photographer will develop his skills. Digital cameras are so rewarding.


  1. I think that top picture is super! Good job!

    I am the photographer in the family here as well. My camera (a DSLR) was on the dining room table one day when my husband spotted our resident barred owl on a nearby branch. I wasn't here, but he actually got some photos of it! He didn't know how to zoom so they weren't close-ups, but he used the camera! Maybe men have some inherent ability to take good photos....

  2. How fun that he took the camera and enjoyed taking some beautiful shots! Love the pretty scenes he caught, and I'll bet the fish was delicious. My husband USED to be the photographer, but hardly picks it up now... could be because I always have it? ;c)

  3. Wow! What great photos! I'm looking forward to seeing more his photos. I love it when everyone in the family takes photos wherever they go.
    Mmmmm, that fish looks good. . .

  4. Thanks everyone for your comments. I hope they encourage my husband to try some more pictures.

  5. I go on fishing trips every year.It's never about the fishing,it's about the experience. Nice pics!

  6. His photos are great. You need to encourage him to use that camera again and practice. Your husband has a good eye for photography. The first photo is stunning.


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