Wednesday, February 11, 2009

February Thaw

We had a big December thaw with plenty of flooding and are now experiencing our second thaw of the winter with record breaking temperatures and rain. This is not a good combination with all the snow we have on the ground. I took these pictures on the weekend when the sun was shining and the air felt like spring. It was nice to hear gently running water as a creek ran toward the still frozen river.

White-tailed deer were frolicking in the field in the middle of the afternoon as the snow had melted enough that they could run around freely.

Along the boardwalk a large number of birds were perched on two dead trees. We counted at least fifteen American Robins and several Cedar Waxwings. These were the same robins I saw in this park in January, ones that had decided to forego their southern migration in the fall. Our spring Robins will not return for another month or so. This day they were not huddled in the bush, but faced the sun in the open swamp.

The news this week has constant warnings about fast flowing water and warns people to stay off the ice. These foolhardy boys were on the ice, jumping up and down to test its strength and poking sticks in the open stream. There will always be people who take risks in spite of warnings and end up needing the assistance of our emergency rescue services.

The Rideau Canal in Ottawa is closed due to the thaw which is very disappointing for the Winterlude visitors who plan to attend over this coming long weekend. Cold weather is supposed to return at the end of the week and we know this is just a short break in a winter that is not over.

I am taking a break too and will be back to blogging and commenting sometime next week.


  1. Hi Ruth,
    Enjoy your blogging break and the balmy temps. We had above freezing temps for 48 hours and it was so nice! Our snow is almost all gone now.

  2. Love the picture of the deer. Enjoy your blog break.

  3. Have a nice break Ruth...

  4. It's really mild here today, and it's also supposed to rain a lot later. I think it's a nice break. Enjoy your break too.

  5. Hope those kids didn't fall it. Lovely photo of the deer and the thawing stream.
    Hope you do something fun on your blogging break.

  6. Anonymous3:08 pm GMT-5

    Enjoyed your spring report! No robins sighted here yet, but I did see a gull overhead yesterday. It didn't stick around (the lake is still frozen) so it must have been "just checking." They don't go far away but head off to where there's a bit of open water. Havne't seen them here in Leamington since the cold spell started - the skies have been quiet.

  7. Anonymous3:34 pm GMT-5

    Yeah. It was about 60 here today. I will enjoy it while it lasts.

  8. Anonymous6:26 pm GMT-5

    Winterlube, winter fun and a good break for you. Have a super time away and looking forward to the pictures from your new camera.

  9. Enjoy your break Ruth-Nice scenery.

  10. Ah, how the false spring brings all life out into the world. Enjoy your time away from blogland.

  11. Very nice post. I especially love the first photo.

  12. Yes--do enjoy your blogging break.
    The first photo in today's post--is just breathtaking.

  13. Ruth,

    Yes, the Grand was frozen over until this past weekend and now it has open water. With the warm temperatures, the water is fast moving in certain areas. Each year this river claims a life and each year people still take chances during the spring when the water is high.

    I remember playing at a culvert just down the road from home when my siblings and I were young. My sister lost her boots in the muck beneath the fast flowing water. When Dad found out we were in big trouble.

    Enjoyed your photos and also the one of the cardinal in the previous post.

    Enjoy your blogging break.

  14. We are quite balmy right now too. In the 70's some days even! In February! I know we'll also have another cold snap or two before spring arrives. Though, I've seen some daffodils already up here. Have a nice break Ruth. I am thinking of taking one myself.

  15. Aw, how beautiful! Enjoy the break, it's been well-earned!

  16. Anonymous6:00 pm GMT-5

    I so agree . . . I think our mother nature missed the January thaw and it has been snowing here since November!

  17. Anonymous9:42 pm GMT-5

    Man those kids are reckless. And I am pretty reckless myself so...

    Also, I thought you might want to check out

  18. Always a dangerous time to be on the ice. Great top photo, spring is high water season up north with the combination of rain and melt, and flooding when it all comes at once.

  19. It seems we are having similar weather patterns. While I enjoy a thaw and that feeling of spring in the air, I know winter is still here - at full force.
    I didn't realize some robins stayed around and some migrate.

    I don't understand how people can venture out on the ice when there is danger of it's breaking. I absolutely won't go on ice unless it's extremely cold.

    Was going to ask you if you knew what kind of bird is all black with a creamy white tummy. I have a pic, but you can't see clearly. I tried looking it up on the net, but got nowhere.
    Enjoy your break.

  20. You must be off at Winterlude...
    What is Winterlude, anyway? Hope it's a good time for you!

    We finally made our move to Washington state from Germany --now just occupied with searching for a house, church, and all the other little things of life.


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