Sunday, March 15, 2009

Weekend Birding

I was out with Sam on Saturday (see his blog post here) and my husband on Sunday enjoying fine, spring-like weather and clear, sunny skies. I counted 45 bird species and am sure to have forgotten one or two. Many more birds are around, but I just didn't see them or identify them over these two days. Every week of the year, a different mix of birds is present.

Red-winged Blackbird

There are always coming, going and "passing through" species. The birds in green letters will be going very soon and the ones in red are newly arrived and will be stopping over for the season. The others are here year round, even though many of them, including Crows, Hawks, and Blue Jays do migrate and the birds we have in the winter may be different than the ones we see in the spring and summer. Here is my weekend list:

American Goldfinch, Pine Siskin, Common Redpoll, House Finch, Red-tailed Hawk, Sharp-shinned Hawk, Turkey Vulture, Trumpeter Swan, Canada Goose, Mallard Duck, Herring Gull, Ring-billed Gull, American Crow

Pine Siskin

Blue Jay, Northern Cardinal, Black-capped Chickadee, White-breasted Nuthatch, Red-breasted Nuthatch, Winter Wren, Downy Woodpecker, Hairy Woodpecker

Greater Scaup, male and female

Redhead Duck, Greater Scaup, Goldeneye, Bufflehead, Black Duck, Red-breasted Merganser, Common Merganser, American Coot, Robin, Kildeer, Red-winged Blackbird, Cowbird, Purple Grackle, Starling, House Sparrow, Mute Swan, Rock Dove (non-native species), Horned Lark, Tree Sparrow, White-crowned Sparrow, White-throated Sparrow Song Sparrow, Dark-eyed Junco, Mourning Dove

What an interesting season. I wonder if I will equal or surpass this two day bird count again this year?


  1. Wow!!! How did you see so many birds? Did you make yourself a little tent with branches and twigs? I have not gone for a special bird watching trip. The birds that coem to my house a sparrows and a few New Zealand natives.

  2. Anonymous2:33 am GMT-4

    I'm pretty sure I've never seen the pine sishkin. Waauw, lucky to have som many kinds of birds around you.

  3. Anonymous5:05 am GMT-4

    The male with his female was my favourite! I love it when nature is filled with wildlife... It makes it all so much more alive!

  4. Anonymous6:58 am GMT-4

    I love this time of year as you never know who'll be stopping by on their way through.

  5. Ann- The birds are migrating so more are about. We visited a swamp, a forest, a small lake and Lake Ontario and each habitat has its own mix of birds.

    Jeannette- Where is your blog? I cannot link through your comments.

    Esther- Yes, the Scaups are quite the odd couple. I don't have a domestic ark like you, but enjoy looking for the wild ark.

    Jan- Maybe I will get lucky and see a grouse like you did.

  6. No passers through here, yet ... at least that we have seen. No open water ... the lakes are pretty solid yet.

  7. Birding must have been good.That is an impressive list.

  8. Nice list of birds you saw. Spring is making me smile...

  9. Anonymous1:07 pm GMT-4

    These are great shots, and really made me smile - the robin caught mid-stride, and the blackbird right in the middle of "kong-ga-ree". And then there's the siskin beside that pile of sunflower seeds. He looks like he could use a bit of pink Pepto!

  10. I can't get over the number of birds you saw!!! Love the Scaup picture!

  11. You have a great eye for birds. I never see that many! Enjoyed the photos.

  12. Wow - that is a lot of birds!! How do you ever keep track? Thanks for sharing your pics. They really are clear and the colours so true.
    Looks like you are had a good weekend birding.

  13. My-you saw some great birds! I can sense rhar the warmer weather is increasing your interest in birding.

  14. Ruth,

    You are fortunate to have seen so many bird species. Yes, some are leaving, some are coming and some stay here all year round.

    I saw a grey owl tonight on my way home from dropping the boys off. It was a wondrous sight.

    On the weekend hubby and I searched out Lasalle Park and I'm taking Mom and the boys to see the swans tomorrow. I know they will be leaving soon. We also saw Canada Geese, Mallards and a variety of other bird species.

    Thought you might like to know about the grey owl. I haven't seen one in years.

    Have a great week, my friend.

  15. Anonymous8:07 am GMT-4

    Now that is a list of birds for just 2 days.

    I like how you separated the birds on who is leaving or coming or staying. It helps me out a great deal. Being a newbie, I know what to expect and look for out there. I was out on the weekend and thought that the birds were all in hiding. Maybe I will have better luck this weekend. This morning as I walked the dog I was blessed with the sounds of the robins hiding in the darkness of the tree tops. Who says you have to see them to enjoy them. Spring is here and everyday will bring a new treasure. Looking forward to your findings.

  16. Lots of great birds you saw Ruth. I love the song of the red-winged blackbirds and am glad to have them in my backyard again this year.


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