Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Fishing Show

My husband likes to watch fishing shows on TV, the ones which feature big boats, fly in lodges, expensive lures and hosts who endorse a lot of products. They always catch a dream fish or two which they either release or serve as a shore lunch with a must-buy coating mix and a pint of cooking oil.

I watched a fishing show at a small reservoir in the city on a drizzy morning last week. Four Great Blue Herons on one bank...

...and four patient fishers on the other bank. (only two pictured here) I watched for thirty minutes or more and saw only one fish caught.

No lure, no boat, no big trip. But a good shore lunch just the same.


  1. I much prefer your kind of fishing show! I'm glad the heron was the one who caught a fish.

  2. Now that is a fishing show. Good to see the heron got his beach side lunch and he didn't even need a special coating or heaps of oil to eat it with.

    Eight "fishers" that day...I wonder who caught the most...the birds or the humans?

  3. Now that's my kind of fishing show.

  4. Blasted bird should have thrown the fish back. :)

  5. Now that's the type of Fishing Show I enjoy watching.I am glad someone caught a fish.

  6. I watch some of those fishing shows too.-I even won a few hundred bucks in a Catfish torunament once.-I remember a story about how a famous Bass fisherman outsmarted and outspent the other fisherman to win a contest in CT.-There was a Dam blocking a certain part of the connecticut river so the fishermen couldn't get to the section.-One guy-I think his name may have been Rowan M., had his boat lifted above the dam using a helicopter-at least that's the story I heard.

    Nice line-up photo!

  7. I agree. Your show sounds much more interesting.

  8. LOL! Now, THAT is a skilled fisherman!

  9. Hee hee..thats my type of fishing show!
    Glad one of the Herons got a fish!
    Nice shot of them all lined up!


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