Saturday, September 17, 2011

Photographic Memories

Our girls and their friend planted giant sunflowers in the garden in 1988

On May 25, 2011, Taylor Jones, a 22 year old resident of our city started a new blog on Tumblr called "Dear Photograph". His idea went viral and he has received worldwide recognition for his work and has signed a book deal.  Do take a look at his blog as it is a very interesting blend of old and new photographs. Today I pulled some photo prints from an album and experimented with the concept. It was harder than it looked to line up an old picture in a current context.

My youngest brother visited our family in Canada after his wedding

Raven is not interested in the big salmon my husband caught in 1989

We had our dog Thor from 1990-1999 and the Becka thinks this is around 1998. Somehow we count time in dogs.


  1. I love the "Dear Photograph" site! Your additions to the idea look great, Ruth!

  2. I had heard of this idea--and I love it. So interesting that you have photos that you can do this with them.
    Just think, not too long from now, we won't have PHOTOS, only digital pictures. Which we can print, of course.

  3. That's a really fun idea.

  4. You're a triple threat. Just now, I saw it on Flickr, FB and here. :)

    It's a great idea.

  5. Thanks for your is a really interesting idea. AC- I have audiences all over the place but I forgot to tweet it, lol!

  6. What an amazing blog! It does look difficult to line up those pics. Yours are cool!

  7. You did an amazing job on the photographs. I should think it is very hard to stand in exactly the right position.

  8. Dear Photograph is a great idea to share memories.
    We count our years in dogs, too.


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