Monday, October 03, 2011

Cyberspace Birthday Celebration

We celebrate two birthdays today, a special day shared by our twins who now live thousands of miles apart. A laptop computer, webcam and Skype allowed us to sing Happy Birthday to both of them simultaneously and they "blew" out the candles together on the weekend. They are young, but when they were born we would never have envisioned such a celebration. After all, we were still listening to vinyl records and had just bought our first microwave oven which was the size of a small garage. We sent my parents a telegram to announce their birth and it took several days for the message to arrive in Mexico.

The view out our front door has changed little over the years. I see them run out to play with friends. I wave goodbye as they leave for elementary school, high school, university and then to make their way in the world. The years tumble together and memories leave their mark on the walkways of my heart.

Happy Birthday to you!!


  1. Happy birthday, Twins! Love the "Dear Photograph" picture of them. I agree, the world has changed amazingly, even in the last 10 years. Who would have thought you could have a virtual party by Skype or Facebook chat?

  2. Happy Birthday to the twins. So cute. I'm sure there is a Huge collection of memories. A beautiful tribute.

  3. Happy Birthday, Twins! I hope they had a fun day and thanks to cyberspace a fun celebration!

  4. I think of these changes often. My first computer probably didn't have enough memory to have read this post.

    This new template is a bit of a shocker, but I guess it works fine.

  5. Ruth--I agree with the amazing changes that technology has brought. Now, my husband & I can talk by phone, or Skype, with our daughter who is in London. When I and my parents were apart--they in Rhodesia and I in the U.S.--we had ONE telephone call in 5 years.
    Oh, and happy birthday to your daughters.


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