Wednesday, May 01, 2013

The First of May 2013

Spring has finally pushed ahead of winter and the dull, 
dead earth is bursting with colour and life.

The first day of May... favourite week of the year as trees open, flowers bloom,
promise is fulfilled, and hope shines for the future.

Our home is filled with beautiful flowers too,
from caring friends and family at our time of loss.

I sit in the peaceful morning sunlight with my cup of tea,
thankful for this new month and new beginnings.


  1. Here's to May bringing the fresh life of a new season.

  2. I am glad that friends have made sure to brighten your day by sending flowers.

  3. Beautiful flowers bring hope....
    Sending hugs.

  4. It was s warm today, that I seriously lapsed and wished my wife, Happy June 1.


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