Friday, July 28, 2006

Hunters and gatherers….
Raspberries are my favourite berry. Six years ago I planted 6 canes and they have slowly spread into a nice patch in the backyard.

It is satisfying to gather your own food, whether you cut a sprig of parsley from a pot in the window, grow some sprouts in a jar, or have a large market garden.

My husband is passionate about fishing and loves a shore lunch or some fish he prepared in the smoker. Fresh caught pickerel makes the best breakfast!

El Granjero, (my brother after Sandland) has a hobby farm in western Mexico. There are well over 100 fruit trees planted on his property, including the little mango tree below. In spite of the work, he finds it a relaxing and rewarding pastime.
Grow a food plant...

visit a pick-your-own farm...

buy fresh fish from a fisher...

shop at a farmer’s market...

nothing will taste better.

Link: Slow Food Movement

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