Monday, July 17, 2006

Make sure your train of thought has a caboose!

I chuckled when our pastor used this quote at the beginning of his sermon, no doubt to assure us that he would not ramble on past noon. In my mind I pictured people I've met who monologue like an endless train, monopolizing the entire track, and ready to derail on any sharp turn.

Back to my train of thought....

This is an electric train that ran through our city in the early 1900's. It ran a passenger service that connected a number of small communities in the region. The train would stop in front of the hospital where I now work to let visitors, staff and patients on and off. This hospital was opened in 1916 as a TB sanatorium and was well outside the city itself. Patients with TB were treated with fresh air and sunshine on the 15 acre site near the river.

By 1957, modern drug therapy changed the way tuberculosis was treated and the hospital is now a rehabilitation and palliative care centre. It still retains its beautiful and peaceful setting.

Many people have died here and resident ghosts continue to appear to the believers.

Many people leave here stronger and more independent to enjoy life on the outside again.

The railway track still runs in front of the hospital and a freight train passes by each day.

There are no passengers on the line, except in my imagination.

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