Friday, December 28, 2007

Friday Flowers: Chilean Blooms

The last two days have been dull, foggy and dreary with a raw east wind that chills one to the bone. Right now we are experiencing "mixed precipitation" which is rain, sleet and snow jumbled together and falling at the same time. Just as rodents store up good food for the winter, I have a cache of inspiring books and pictures to warm up a cold winter's evening.

My parents and youngest brother travelled to Chile for two weeks in September. It was spring time south of the equator and while the weather was cool, there were flowers in bloom. Dad sent these pictures to me, while I cannot tell you anything about them, they remind me of spring that is yet to come in our hemisphere.

I have a large number of my father's slides to scan from the years we lived in South Africa. I guess there is no time like the present to try and get my scanner to work with the new (and most annoying) Windows Vista operating system that is designed to reject most peripheral hardware. Perhaps I will find some more warm inspiration for future flower posts!

Photos taken by my father near Santiago, Chile


  1. I love yellow flowers the best- they warm my heart tonight on this cold (18 degrees) dark night! Now I just need to find my slippers to warm my freezing toes.

  2. Such cheery flowers! I should go back and look for some "warmer" photos in my archives, as well.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Stunning flowers and I love how the yellow works with the photos!

  4. "Just as rodents store up good food for the winter, I have a cache of inspiring books and pictures to warm up a cold winter's evening."

    Thanks, Ruth! Cold is rushing into our region and your photos are so warming.

  5. Oh Ruth... I could just sit and stare at that first photo forever and feel the warmth there. Thanks for sharing Chile with us.

  6. The first pic is worthy of a frame! Beautiful water color.

  7. I would like to jump into that first picture right now. I'm sick of cold and snow; at least we've got sun and above freezing today.

  8. Lynne- I think those of us in the north are all craving yellow right now...

    Ginger- Looking forward to posts from your archives!

    Monarch- My dad will be pleased with your comments on his photos.

    Mary- I do feel like a hibernating creature right now, needing some warmth and inspiration.

    Jayne, Jean and F-Doc...
    That first picture is a favourite of mine too. Chile is a very beautiful country and it is summer there now...tempting!


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