Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas Markets

Christkindl Market Slideshow

Laurie at Africakid and the World wrote a post today about Christmas market time in Germany. We have a large German community in our region and our city hosts a Christkindl market every December. I wrote about the origins of this market last December in this post.
I love looking at the handmade crafts and sampling the assortment of tasty treats that are sold indoors and outdoors. A bowl of hot goulash soup or a plate of hot potato pancakes is extra good when eaten out in the cold.

Come and visit the market with me. Too bad you can't share the waffles!

(This is my second time writing this post. The first one vanished into cyberspace!)


  1. Your post brought back wonderful memories for me. We went to the Christkindl Market in Ulm whil visiting Germany a few years ago. Waffles and roasted chestnuts were my favorite treats there. We brought back many Christmas ornaments.

  2. Wow Ruth... what a wonderful slide show you created! The waffle looked just delicious. Thanks for taking us along.

  3. Looks great, Ruth. I guess everything t tastes better outdoors.

  4. Ruth, thanks for the mention. I wish I could walk you around our Weihnachtsmarkt and show you the ice skaters and choirs and yummy food and, if you ever visit Heidelberg, call me!

  5. Lynne- What a great experience to visit a Christmas market in Germany. Ours is a small replica, but still is very festive.

    Jayne- Thanks...My daughter bought the waffle. I love the goulash soup and potato pancakes.

    Jean- Yes, cold air is an appetite stimulant for sure.

    I would be sure to call you if I visited Heidelberg. We have a town called Heidelberg just north of us. The German influence here is deep.
    I love the night shots in your post, and your market looks so large.


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