Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Art of Fishing

She took a box of books.
He took a box of fishing tackle.

She took a camera and binoculars.
He took a fish finder and several fishing rods.

She could walk the trails for hours.
He could fish for hours and hours and hours.

She took extra food, just in case, but
He caught enough fish for the week.

Fishing is a most particular sport, especially for those fishers who are after game species. The children at the camp caught the same catfish twice from the dock with a worm he put on the hook for them. But he wanted trout, pickerel, and bass...

He put in folding chair on the floor of the fishing boat for her comfort. When the wind was up, he hugged the shore avoiding the whitecaps on the open water. A large hatch of mayflies flew in the air and their short-lived bodies covered the surface of the water. That was a good excuse if the fish didn't bite.

The fish finder showed him where schools of bass and perch swam in the water. It also showed the depth and warned of rocks hidden below the surface. That made her feel safer.

He drove the boat close to the terns, loons and ducks.
She netted a few fish.

He was happy and she was happy.
Give a little, take a little. Two is better than one.


  1. Ahh compromise... is what it's all about. :c) Definitely an art.

  2. Yes, two who complement each other are definitely better than one. Great prose. I love this post.

  3. Yes.
    In fact some might say, "Two is twice as good."

  4. How sweet .......
    I feel a diabetic rush coming on.

  5. Ah yes, two is better than one! I enjoy time with my Sweetie twice as much!!

    Loved your post today.

  6. Beautiful photos, along with the words! Did you take them?? Nice.

  7. Anonymous4:21 pm GMT-4

    She is blessed to have a husband like him. He is blessed to have a wife like her. I am blessed that I know what that feels like! Beautiful post and photos. I especially like the mayfly one, but then I love insects.

  8. Anonymous7:53 pm GMT-4

    Nice post, Ruth. I love that first photo - serene. I could float all day on such a calm lake. What a great spot you chose for a vacation! I like fishing and also eating the catch.

  9. I loved the video and photos of the birds in the previous post. Birdsong is nature's music and I always enjoy it. What a wide variety of birds like on Manitoulin.

    Those fish look great. Seems like they were biting pretty good. I took the boys fishing on Monday and Brandon caught a smallmouth bass. Jordan caught a rock bass but was very happy to have caught anything. He got it just before we left.

    Thanks for sharing these beautiful sights and sounds of nature.


  10. Your first photo is very beautiful and I like your words about the boat ride and the fishing and companionship. They sound like idyllic summer days, nothing could be better on days like that. Lovely.

  11. Oh yeah.
    I love the first photo of the boat heading out. Wonderfully framed!

  12. Thanks for all the nice comments. The pictures are all mine but I edited some of them up on "Picnik" (a great little website that is free). To my dear brother, Sandland Dad, a little sugar now and then won't hurt you. I will send you a free copy of my first published Harlequin Romance. ;-)

  13. Two separate but parallel paths, getting both out into the natural world. Great way to tell the tale of partners.

  14. That's nice that you could work out a compromise. My wife and I usually come to an agreement on those sorts of things-but not always. Whenever us guys go fishing we feel the need to catch trout or Salmon.-Anything else just won't do. Hat and sunglasses seem to be your trademark!

  15. Great post! I remember the days I went fishing as a kid. My tackle box never had anything fishy in it. Well, it did have that one lure that was shiny and pretty and stayed forever in its box just for looking! LOL I enjoy being on the lake, reading, stitching or watching for birds, but he can do the fishing! Oh, but I do love eating fish! Yummy!

  16. Zhakee- Well said...two separate but parallel paths. That describes us.

    Larry- I will go fishing, but I won't sleep on the ground in a tent. There are limits. The Great Lakes have salmon, but this lake had Lake Trout, Pike and Bass. I like Pickerel or Walleye best for eating.

    Julie- I feel sorry for the fish when they are caught, but I do enjoy eating them. Your tackle box sounds ornamental, lol!

  17. I read this when you first posted it and have thought about it many times since. It was truly a lovely post about love and marriage and being there. Thanks for giving me something nice to roll around in my mind when I'm driving.


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